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  1. Now why didn't I think of that? (Sound of forehead being slapped.) Okay, I used your suggested site which I've never visited. Set it to block in "domains" and cleared all cache. Was able to connect multiple times after closing the browser and running CCleaner. So I guess that is at least some evidence of Web Shield not working with a sandboxed Firefox. (I don't use any of the other programs you referenced.) (Interesting that when I was still running OA Premium in "Banking Mode" I know that if I tried to connect to sites that weren't on my domains list I wouldn't be able to connect when connecting via Sandboxie.) Now, the next question would be whether Web Shield should be left activated if all browsing is done via Sandboxie?
  2. Just installed on top of my free version and so far (in the few minutes its been running) no issues. I noticed that the option to trust the digitally signed files was checked by default. (I had to deselect it.) Not sure if you want that option to run as default or not. And Fabian, since you mention compatibility with Sandboxie, could you or one of the other good folks let us know if the Web Shield functions when a browser accesses the web under the supervision of Sandboxie. I can't seem to get an answer. It would be helpful to know. Thank you.
  3. Thanks, Cat, always the most gracious feline friend around. Do you know, perchance, how me might go about getting an answer (one way or another) to the first question (which you are uncertain about)? It would be very helpful to know. And, as always, many thanks to your for your time and help.
  4. I remember reading on this topic some years back but had a couple of questions about the interaction of Sandboxie and the Web Shield in the current version of OA (Free). First, does the Web Shield even work when a browser such as Firefox accesses the web under the supervision of Sandboxie? (If not, then I guess it would be okay to turn off that module.) Second question, in the free version of OA, if a url is listed as "Protected" in the domains list, does OA perform the DNS check? (Or is the DNS check limited to the paid versions of OA?) Lastly, with the free version of OA, if one ticks the option to "Ignore OA Domains List", what functions does Web Shield perform? (I imagine it could still block sites you enter in the Domains list, assuming that Web Shield works when the browser connects via Sandboxie.) Thanks in advance for your assistance. B)
  5. I also have "autoruns" but as far as I know it will not "alert" to new entries. You have to go through the various columns and select the items you wish to allow or deny "startup" status. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It's the "alert" that makes WinPatrol valuable imho. I could get by without it if I wanted to check the autoruns folder in the OA GUI regularly...or similarly go through the "services" folder within Windows. But I can avoid having to do that because WP will alert me to the new entry. (There may be an exception here and there.) Thanks for sharing your experience on the interaction of HIPS & BB. I often wondered how they would play together even with both coming from the same company.
  6. I'm going to disagree with you though I wish you were correct and here's why... ...Though OA monitors many of the same functions as WinPatrol and WinPatrol PLUS, there are some things it doesn't do... ...For example, if a program that I have trusted and allowed (but don't want to start with Windows) adds itself to the startup list, OA won't alert and call this to my attention. WinPatrol (or a simple program by Mike Lin called StartupMonitor) will. The same thing with changes to running "services". So, while OA is definitely one of my all time favorite programs (along with Sandboxie), there are some features I wish it incorporated but doesn't at present. For this reason a program like WinPatrol (and WinPatrol PLUS) is still a viable addition (though I agree that there is a certain amount of overlap.) I am unaware of any conflicts between the two programs in my experience. On the OA + EAM topic, I am curious how the HIPS and Behavior Blocker function while running concurrently?
  7. Just out of curiosity, in the last scenario is there no potential (or probability) for conflicts between the behavior blocker and HIPS if both run concurrently?
  8. If you do a search in this forum on "Avast" you'll find numerous threads by folks using that AV and the steps necessary to exclude the particular processes of Avast within OA and vice versa. (Within OA you'd go to "Options" - "Exclusions" and then add them. This will greatly reduce the chance of the two programs conflicting with one another.) Then within the Avast user interface you'd do the same and exclude the Online Armor folder.
  9. Interesting. When I have done speed checks on Firefox using OA, Windows Firewall or another firewall/HIPS app I haven't seen any degradation in my speed. (And I am running XP Pro SP3 as is my better half. The same is true on her system.) Perhaps there is some other conflict? (Have you excluded the antivirus from OA and vice versa?)
  10. Don't know if it will solve your problem or not, but have you read this thread?: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/4422-oa-avast-antivirus/ Perhaps if you exclude Avast! and OA from each other (if you haven't already) your issues may be resolved.
  11. Thanks, Cat. I actually do have that program and have used it to prevent certain programs, services and drivers from booting up with Windows. I was hoping that there was something that I could use to pop up when something "new" (even if already installed on the computer) tried to add itself to the autoruns list. Guess I'll stick with "WinPatrol" for now since it seems to do a good job with this despite most of the information being somewhat redundant (as OA monitors many or most of the same areas). Would be an excellent feature for OA (in standard mode) to have an option to popup whenever something new tried to add itself to the autoruns. Oh well, we can hope, can't we?
  12. I've noticed that from time to time a program that is trusted/allowed but was not otherwise in the "autoruns" category will show up there without generating an alert. (I've seen this with tax preparation and imaging applications by way of example.) My preference would be (in standard mode) for there to be an option in "autoruns" that allowed you to generate an alert whenever any application tried to add itself to the autorun list. Since that doesn't appear to be the case, can someone walk the "challenged" user (that would be me) through the steps necessary in the "File and Registry Shield" (advanced mode setting) to generate a simple alert whenever a program attempts to add itself to the autoruns list? Let's face it, even if a program is trusted that doesn't mean we want it starting with Windows. It may be used only very occasionally. Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable when it comes to working with the registry (and avoid messing with it like the plague ordinarily) and don't know if my aim can be accomplished via the "File Shield". So...anybody want to lend a hand here? Thanks in advance.
  13. Jose, sorry to hear about all your problems, I have found OA (in the most recent incarnation as well as the last), to be working swimmingly on my XP SP 3 system. A couple of comments about some alternative programs (without going too far afield or bashing any product). I tried SpyShelter a couple of times when I had some issues with oasrv.exe using up lots of CPU. (That has since stopped and it's been months without the issue.) SpyShelter's HIPS was all over the place in terms of how and what it allowed and blocked and left me feeling a bit less than secure about its own methodologies (let alone whitelist). Additionally, two separate times it was installed on my system it disabled my keyboard. (Thankfully I was able to navigate via "mouse" to uninstall and get the system back on track.) Zemana...I tested this one but found that when it was paired with another firewall (with the firewall's HIPS disabled) it wouldn't consistently pass any of the various keylogger tests I use to test security programs with, even its own. Other than OA, I felt most comfortable with PrivateFirewall...and though I think it's a good program I left it to come back to OA because OA is much more feature rich overall and much better in my tests against loggers and various other threats. Plus the alerts are much more specific and comprehensible. (I emailed Greg Salvato about some of the areas where PF could improve. Still, I think it's a fine product.) Lastly, though I can certainly understand your frustration if OA isn't currently working for you as you feel it should, I feel that you have been unfairly critical, a bit rude in your posts and have generalized your personal issues with the program into universal truths. This simply is not the case. I'm sure that there are many, many more users out there (besides myself) who have found this program to be just what the doctor ordered (even if not "perfect"). I get the very rare alert/pop-up...otherwise the program is quiet. And I have tested it against the keylogger tests successfully. So...perhaps the universal statements you have made do not quite rise to that level. When I was disillusioned with my oasrv.exe issues I was frustrated and disappointed that I had to uninstall the program for a few months. Nonetheless, I was always happy with catprincess and the willingness to help I received from her and other members like Pete. I also told them I looked forward to coming back as soon as possible and now have been able to do that for the last few months. I guess the ultimate point of all this rambling is not to generalize your own personal experience and to be willing to meet those trying to help you half way.
  14. Well, that was quick. Guess I should have waited to install RC 3! LOL! Congrats!
  15. Definitely something to be aware of...I always like to keep my network interfaces as "untrusted" just in case...Hopefully your heads up will prompt a resolution of this issue.
  16. My wifi network interface properly came up without the "trusted" box being ticked, computer properly displayed as "unknown". (However, this was not a fresh install.)
  17. Installed over RC1 and all seems fine thus far. (XP Pro SP3)
  18. On the "Options" -> "Firewall" tab do you have the "New Networks Discovery" box checked? (Forgive me if I missed this above.) Also, it may not work for you, but the other day I had to change my DSL Router as the old one died after several years. I had to unplug and then replug it to get it to communicate with OA. Good luck.
  19. Other than the length of time for the wizard (which I can't comment on as I installed the RC over my previous version) I personally didn't have any big issues with the rest of the two videos.
  20. Just installed as an update on XP Pro SP3. Installation smooth, no issues noted. (Didn't notice the old two minute "learning mode" warning upon installation.) So far, so good.
  21. I've been using MSE 2.0 with no issues. (I do have the OA folder excluded within MSE but not vice versa)
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