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  1. You should be able to still leave the Keylogger protection on and "if" OA picks up Thunderbird as a "keylogger" you can then "allow" it. I use Thunderbird (and have for all of the years I've used OA both free and premium) and never had an issue with the keylogger function. I'd hate to have to be without that protection as I feel that it is an important feature. Of course YMMV.
  2. Yep, see edited post above, Cat.
  3. Thanks, Cat. I should have mentioned that I run XP Pro SP3 (and don't run a limited account). I do have Firefox and all my other internet facing apps set to "Run Safer" within OA Premium. (The green border does show when I open the browser outside of Sandboxie. EDITED TO ADD: If I start Firefox outside of Sandboxie, then I see the settings exactly as you posted, Cat, (along with the BUILTIN\Users entry on the next line). When started within Sandboxie, the BUILTIN\Admin entry is not present, only the BUILTIN\Users is displayed. So, that particular anomaly appears to be directly related to how Sandboxie interacts with the browser. (The bottom box contains the same message in both instances, however.) So, it appears that everything is operating properly.
  4. Cat, I see the info as you posted in the box (below) that you mentioned. However, in BUILTIN\Users it says MANDATORY. Is this also as it should be? Thanks!
  5. If you don't go into the programs list and change the status, the next time you go to run the program the same thing will happen as it will be "trusted" automatically via OASIS/Whitelist. Follow my steps above and you'll see that it quite clearly catches and labels the threats (on all of the "tests" I listed). You don't have to remove them before re-running the programs. Just effect the status changes.
  6. Go into your "programs" tab and find leaktest.exe (Or you can just check the programs added by date and find it that way.) Click on the "leak test" and change the trust level and status from trusted/allowed to "unknown"/"ask". Then I believe you'll find that OA passes the test with no issues. The problem is that OA's whitelist (OASIS) already "knows" that the GRC leak test is not a true threat to your system. (I also had to do the same thing with the "logging" tests from Zemana and SpyShelter. OA passes them with flying colors as well.)
  7. Appreciate the info, Cat. I do have each of my anti-virus/anti-malware apps (both real-time and on-demand) excluded from one another as well as OA. So, only the OA GUI doesn't include any exclusions at the moment. If I notice any change in performance or other issues I'll go ahead and add them back in.
  8. Thanks, Cat. Was wondering if you (or the developers) recommend "excluding" other anti-virus/anti-malware applications from OA as a matter of course? I was reading the issues that one of our members was reporting with the use of "banking mode" and the websites added as "trusted" (and accessible). I don't know about MSE 2.0 and any proxies but was wondering if one should automatically go ahead and "exclude" or only do so if any noticeable conflict or issue arises? I had my real-time and on-demand anti-malware programs excluded but when I removed them, it seemed my internet connection was faster and more responsive. So...your thoughts? Many thanks...
  9. Over three days in and no sign of the previously experienced CPU overload by oasrv.exe Perhaps we've turned a corner this time around. Sure feels good to have OA on the system again. Like the comfort of an old and trusted friend.
  10. Thanks, your feline majesty...It's good to see you again too! B)
  11. Well, I had a hard time staying away and not having OA Premium running...so, in the middle of the night last night I did a clean install and started over from scratch. So far so good and I'm really hoping that I won't have the issues with the oasrv.exe CPU spikes (~50% for a minute or two) again. For me, nothing has the utility and protection of OA and I just couldn't stand to do without it any longer. I lost a couple of months on my subscription but I still have about 3 1/2 months left. Fingers crossed... (XP Pro SP3)
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