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  1. Peter, you are a champ! It all falls into place now. I assume it's the requirement of the SHA-2 signing support patch, 4474419. I didn't make the connection between the requirement of a Windows patch and TrustedInstaller. Apart from the annoyance of the 2 minutes virtual standstill I was concerned about not knowing what was (perhaps) being installed but now I know what's happening I suppose I can live with it until making the dreaded leap to Windows 10. Or an iMac, perhaps Linux... Anyway, thank you all!
  2. The parent is services.exe, which has parent wininit.exe. That doesn't sound as if it is coming from EAM, at least not directly. But the fact remains that it only runs when EAM is started, either manually or on Windows start-up. I'm not familiar with Process Hacker but I documented screenshots. I also had debug logging turned on - perhaps that can shed some light? I'll PM the lot to you , GT500, referring to this thread. I also ran an experiment. I have a collection of old image copies and did the following: Restored the C drive to 2017-12-21 Disconnected the network to prevent any automatic updating Started Windows (and thereby EAM) – TrustedInstaller.exe did NOT launch Turned off EAM automatic updating, connected the network and restarted Windows Clicked EAM 'Update Now' and permitted the computer restart request On the restart completing, TrustedInstaller.exe DID launch So, in spite of the parentage of TrustedInstaller.exe, I think this says that the problem does involve EAM - something that has changed in the last couple of years... Continued, restoring to other old image copies and found 2019-06-02 the problem (i.e. TrustedInstaller.exe getting launched) did not exist 2019-06-23 it did Between these dates (on 2019-06-10) EAM updated itself to 2019.5.0.9476 . Then, yet a further experiment: I re-installed EAM to see if TrustedInstaller.exe gets launched in a freshly installed environment with "as installed" settings. Yes, it does.
  3. For a long time I've noticed that, on start-up, both my computers are very sluggish for the first minute or two. Investigation points to EAM startup: The sluggishness doesn't occur if “Start on Windows startup” is disabled, but then does on starting EAM manually. The 'culprit' appears to be TrustedInstaller.exe running on EAM starting. I investigated this morning using Process Explorer, Task Manager and a stopwatch and got the following: 09:13:20 TrustedInstaller started. 09:15:00 TrustedInstaller ended its chore (i.e. no cpu being used) 09:26:00 (about) TrustedInstaller terminated Task Manager reported that TrustedInstaller used 40 sec CPU. It has nothing to do with EAM updating as I've turned off auto update. Naturally, I've run a Malware Scan and nothing was detected. Of course, my question is whether this is normal or not. And if it is normal, what is TrustedInstaller installing? OS is Windows 7 Pro, 32 bit
  4. My apologies for jumping aboard, but this happened to me too 2019-06-19 on both my computers. Later Firefox updates went OK, but today (2019-07-22) it happened again, when updating FF from 68 to 68.0.1 This time I had debug logging activated. Events were as follows: Turned on debug logging EAM updated itself (hadn't used the computer for several days) Restarted 13:03 Started Firefox but did nothing with it (home page is a local html file) 13:08 Got the update offer pop-up. Clicked “Download Update” 13:10 Restarted Firefox: it does the actual update on restarting Got the EAM BB warning . The ”Will quarantine in xx seconds” text seemed to stay at “in 6 seconds” Clicked “Wait, I think this is safe” and Firefox started 13:11 Closed Firefox and turned off EAM debugging 13:13 Restarted the computer. Computer is an old HP EliteBook 8440p running under Windows 7 Pro, 32-bit Debug logs sent as described above, referring to this post.
  5. Sorry, a Sorry, the above should read "... try to launch a daughter window that doesn't have a scrollbar. "
  6. I've sent you some logs by PM. Perhaps the reason you couldn't reproduce it was Windows. I doubt you are using Win 7 32 bit... Having said that, I've found that sometimes, very rarely, It does work OK for me so perhaps you were in luck! Oh yes, as I've mentioned in 'notes' in the material I sent, I've since discovered that the issue can also occur on log list entries that will try to launch a daughter window that doesn't have a sidebar.
  7. Thanks for the tip! But unless you mean other logs than those I was talking about above, no - it's the same. Still, now I've discovered that launching from the sidebar doesn't give the problem I'll use that until a fix surfaces.
  8. Some good news and some sad news. The good news is that the UI response failure I reported right at the beginning has been fixed by version 2019.2.0.9269 The sad news is that it hasn't fixed the 'overlay' problem - see above post of December 9, 2018. I've looked into this further and narrowed it down: The issue seems to concern the 'Logs' section, when selecting 'View Details' for an entry that will cause the daughter pane to have a scrollbar. In practice this only appears to be the case for an 'Updates' entry. The following will demonstrate the problem: Launch the UI by clicking the EAM icon in the notification area, a.k.a. system tray. Click the blue 'Logs' box (not the sidebar icon). Mark an 'Update' entry in the list presented and click 'View Details'. The daughter pane is not launched and the UI is unresponsive, presumably waiting until the (invisible) daughter pane is closed. There's probably a window behind the UI. Click this and then click the UI window. The part of the daughter pane that overlays the window behind the UI now appears - see post of December 9, 2018. I mention this simply as something that might aid fault finding. In practice it's superfluous. To display the whole daughter pane, click any window on the desktop (start something if the UI was all that was on the desktop) and swipe it over the UI. Magic! . And a couple of observations: The issue only occurs one time per UI launch. Having once got it working, other entries launch the daughter pane correctly. It only seems to occur when launching 'Logs' by clicking the blue box and appears to work properly if launched from the sidebar. Now, I realise that this problem is a bit esoteric and that indeed, the vast majority never look at the logs. And, you may ask, “What's he whinging about? He's found two ways to bypass the problem”. True, but others might not be so tenacious in delving into it and most would simply give up. Also, although I can't find any case other than the above, who knows? And what might lie in wait in the future? Look at it as a suggestion to improve the product. Surely it ought to be relatively simple to fix?
  9. Reporting that the situation hasn't occurred for me since the shower of incidents mid December. That's nearly 10 weeks. I haven't noticed any announcement that sounds like a fix, neither in the beta forum nor the Change Blog (though perhaps it's hidden under “Improved stability”) but something must have happened. It took over 6 months but, as the Bard of Avon said, “All's well that ends well”! Thank you all who have got this to happen!
  10. Thank you! That explains it. I suppose I must have “invented” the EAM_yyyy-mm-dd folder name myself and been a bit more vigilant in previous runs.
  11. I wanted to export the settings. I didn't examine the folder suggesed by the tool very carefully, but saw it where I had exported previously so clicked the OK-button. Expecting the name to be today's date, I looked for the backup but couldn't find it. So, tried again and saw that the tool wasn't suggesting a unique folder name but an existing folder – not the latest even, but one from 2016: EAM_2016-11-28, which apparently got overwritten (see 'Date modified'). What I would expect is that the suggestion would be a new folder and I believe that this was what it did when I used it last. And if one already existed, that either a suffix would be added (e.g. EAM_yyyy-mm-dd-01) or that the user would be warned that he/she was about to overwrite it unless changed. Now I know what happens I will be a bit more careful, but existing data should't get overwritten. If I've done something wrong then please tell me! And yes, it's high time for a cleanup...
  12. Apologies for the belated response - been a bit busy. In Windows 7, the basic DirectX support is version 11.0. Apparently, the full version of 11.1 is supported by Win 8.1 but https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/chuckw/2012/11/13/directx-11-1-and-windows-7/ says that “Portions of the 'DirectX 11.1 Runtime' are being made available on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 via the Platform Update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB 2670838)” https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2670838/platform-update-for-windows-7-sp1-and-windows-server-2008-r2-sp1 describes what KB2670838 does. KB2670838 was installed January 25th 2016. And that seems to be as good as it gets unless I upgrade to Win 8.1 or Win 10. But the UI worked perfectly until 2018.11.0.9073.
  13. Regarding my post above "Just taken a look at it and it's a bit different." Of course it's different! I was looking at it on my other computer (the Dell). The HP is still as in my previous experiment. It's a little bit faster than the Dell. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention but it's getting a bit late this side of the pond! As to the motherboards. Neither are Asus. Speccy says the manufacturers are Dell and HP respecively. Both machines are ancient. The Dell is from November 2007 and there is no newer BIOS. The HP is from 2010. Perhaps the installed BIOS is not the best, but the problem surfaced with build 9073. The UI worked fine previously. There appears to be a couple of slightly newer versions but I don't understand (on the HP site) which would be correct. To be honest I'm loathe to attempt an update it as once it's changed, it seems there's no going back.
  14. Just taken a look at it and it's a bit different. With Settings selected, but not doing anything to change etc. a2start is taking a bit more - changing continually between less than 1 up to 7%. But there's still lots of CPU left!
  15. Aha! Yes Marko, I did misunderstand. I haven't experienced any problems when altering the debug logging state. I'll leave it on though as it might give a bit more info for anyone who is working on the problem. Thanks for the clarification.
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