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  1. Reporting that the situation hasn't occurred for me since the shower of incidents mid December. That's nearly 10 weeks. I haven't noticed any announcement that sounds like a fix, neither in the beta forum nor the Change Blog (though perhaps it's hidden under “Improved stability”) but something must have happened. It took over 6 months but, as the Bard of Avon said, “All's well that ends well”! Thank you all who have got this to happen!
  2. Thank you! That explains it. I suppose I must have “invented” the EAM_yyyy-mm-dd folder name myself and been a bit more vigilant in previous runs.
  3. I wanted to export the settings. I didn't examine the folder suggesed by the tool very carefully, but saw it where I had exported previously so clicked the OK-button. Expecting the name to be today's date, I looked for the backup but couldn't find it. So, tried again and saw that the tool wasn't suggesting a unique folder name but an existing folder – not the latest even, but one from 2016: EAM_2016-11-28, which apparently got overwritten (see 'Date modified'). What I would expect is that the suggestion would be a new folder and I believe that this was what it did when I used it last. And if one already existed, that either a suffix would be added (e.g. EAM_yyyy-mm-dd-01) or that the user would be warned that he/she was about to overwrite it unless changed. Now I know what happens I will be a bit more careful, but existing data should't get overwritten. If I've done something wrong then please tell me! And yes, it's high time for a cleanup...
  4. Alan_S

    UI problems

    Apologies for the belated response - been a bit busy. In Windows 7, the basic DirectX support is version 11.0. Apparently, the full version of 11.1 is supported by Win 8.1 but says that “Portions of the 'DirectX 11.1 Runtime' are being made available on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 via the Platform Update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB 2670838)” describes what KB2670838 does. KB2670838 was installed January 25th 2016. And that seems to be as good as it gets unless I upgrade to Win 8.1 or Win 10. But the UI worked perfectly until 2018.11.0.9073.
  5. Alan_S

    UI problems

    Regarding my post above "Just taken a look at it and it's a bit different." Of course it's different! I was looking at it on my other computer (the Dell). The HP is still as in my previous experiment. It's a little bit faster than the Dell. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention but it's getting a bit late this side of the pond! As to the motherboards. Neither are Asus. Speccy says the manufacturers are Dell and HP respecively. Both machines are ancient. The Dell is from November 2007 and there is no newer BIOS. The HP is from 2010. Perhaps the installed BIOS is not the best, but the problem surfaced with build 9073. The UI worked fine previously. There appears to be a couple of slightly newer versions but I don't understand (on the HP site) which would be correct. To be honest I'm loathe to attempt an update it as once it's changed, it seems there's no going back.
  6. Alan_S

    UI problems

    Just taken a look at it and it's a bit different. With Settings selected, but not doing anything to change etc. a2start is taking a bit more - changing continually between less than 1 up to 7%. But there's still lots of CPU left!
  7. Aha! Yes Marko, I did misunderstand. I haven't experienced any problems when altering the debug logging state. I'll leave it on though as it might give a bit more info for anyone who is working on the problem. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. So do I stapp. With a proper a mechanical switch too... To business: It's very early days but the good news is that I haven't experienced any freezes at start-up with build 9073, installed a week ago. The bad news is that I've experienced 3 freezes during normal activity: last Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I've sent a dump for each of these to [email protected] asking that it be forwarded to you, GT500. Also, a doc file for each, describing the scenarios. Were I a developer I'd want as much material as possible, but I leave it to you to decide what your people need. I really hope they can find out what's going on and fix it, as a freeze every other day is just not viable. Or perhaps the problem is that my two computers and EAM are simply not compatible. I'm going to try Marko's advice and have debug logging enabled continually. It does agree with my own experience when all this started (see my original post). But even if it works, I can't accept it as a solution. Just a very temporary workaround until the developers fix it properly. Fingers crossed...
  9. Alan_S

    UI problems

    I did a very simple and brief test, clicking Settings and then Advanced. a2guard is in action very little: now and then a brief flash of 1 - 4% but that's all. a2start uses CPU continually when in Settings: about 1 – 3%, most of the time exactly 1.92%. This is what I did: Start Win Launch UI but do nothing a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero 13:43 Click Settings a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard briefly 4% 13:45 Click Advanced – no response a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero 13:48 Click PX then EAM still no response a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero 13:49 Get reply a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero Close UI Then, a look at logs. Start Win Launch UI and do a Quick scan 14:15 Click Logs Hightlight the scan and click View Details No response a2start zero a2guard zero 14:18 Click the Process Explorer window then the UI window and the reply pop-up appears! The 'other' window doesn't have to be PX: Notepad, Windows Explorer - anything will do the trick. But look at the attached pop-up screenshot. Note that the reply pop-up is not complete: only what overlays the window behind it (Process Explorer here). The rest can be coaxed out of hiding by moving the window behind, to increase the 'shadow', in this case moving Process Explorer right. Well, it's a workaround but it can be tricky with a cluttered desktop. If the whole pop-up can't be retrieved there's another problem: it has to be closed before anything else can be done and how to do that when neither the Close button nor the 'X' in the top right hand corner are accessable? Two other observations: When waiting for a reply from 'View details' the UI window is dead to the user. Can't move it on the desktop and can't close it. It appears that the problems only occur when a new log entry is in the list, even if the 'View details' concerns an older entry. Once past the hurdle it seems to work normally, at least until next time Logs is invoked, even if there are no new entries. Sorry, I see that this is all a bit incoherent. But it's not easy to invoke and observe on one computer and at the same time document on another computer! But perhaps it's of use. The bottom line is that a2guard uses very little CPU and only briefly. a2start uses CPU continually when in Settings - almost all the time 1.92% but almost nothing when trying to look at logs, even when waiting for a reply that should be instantaneous.
  10. Marko, your comments regarding debug logs rang a bell but couldn't put my finger on it. Now I remember: Look at the very first post I made when I started this thread. I recall now that debug logging appeared to help back in June but I seem to remember that it wasn't a 100% cure - a bit hazy... But even so, I don't really feel that it's an acceptable solution.
  11. Thanks Marko. It might just be something to do with logging. I'll keep an eye on it. But in my case the problem only occurs at around 2-3 week intervals (at least it did...) but then a shower of several occurrences.
  12. Alan_S

    UI problems

    This occurs in 2018.11.0.9073 Debug logs sent via PM. Didn't occur with the previous stable build. When clicking something on the UI, the response is often really slow (perhaps minutes) or not at all. Sometimes it can respond with 'persuasion'. For example 'Settings' on the overview: The result can sometimes be coaxed forth by moving the UI window on the desktop, if this is possible (sometimes the UI gets locked and then a Windows restart is the only way out). Viewing log entries is particularly problematic. The following is a crude log of a session today, 2018-12-07, observed on my HP EliteBook 8440p, Windows 7 Pro 32-bit 09:40 Started Windows 09:42 Launched UI (clicked the icon in the notification area) 09:42 Clicked 'About' Nothing happened. 09:43 Moved the UI window on the desktop: Result of 'About' displays 09:44 Clicked 'Logs' Nothing happened. Moved the UI and the log list displays. But: the UI window is locked. Couldn't mark a log entry to view it Couldn't move the UI window on the desktop 09:47 Couldn't move the mouse cursor to the taskbar. Nor launch any of the desktop shortcuts. Since everything is dead, want to invoke BSOD via Right Ctrl / ScrLk / ScrLk on the USB keyboard Can't do: it's not plugged in. In desperation, plugged it in – immediately everything freed up! The result of 'About' is displayed. Launched Event Viewer. Nothing pertinent reported. 09:55 Restarted Windows 00:56 Ready 09:57 Launched UI (clicked icon in the notification area) Clicked 'About' Nothing happened. 09:59 Clicked 'About' again. Still nothing happened. Closed UI 10:00 Launched UI (clicked icon in the notification area) Clicked 'Logs' . It launched OK. with top entry highlighted Clicked 'View details' Sub-window launches, showing results of 'About', not of the top entry 10:02 Closed the sub-window 10:03 Highlighted another entry in the log list and clicked view details. Worked fine 10:05 Returned to the UI overview Clicked 'Update now' 10:06 Update done. 10:07 Clicked 'Logs' In the list, selected the update just done Clicked View Details. Nothing happened The UI window is locked. Can't move it on the desktop. Can't do anything. 10:10 Launched a program via its desktop shortcut The UI 'thaws', launching a sub-window showing not the results of the update, but of 10:07 10:13 Closed the UI Debug logs supplied cover the above. One more thing: When a sub-window has been 'persuaded' to pop up by clicking another window or launching a program, only a bit of it is displayed sometimes. This appears to be an area that is the outline of the other window or that of the program launched. Now, all this might just be something to do with my computers rather than a fault in EAM. If so, I'd be grateful for any tips.
  13. Thanks, I'll stash that away in the old grey matter!
  14. Well, it has happened, though not at start-up. This morning, I was using my EliteBook, which has the current stable version 2018.11.0.9073 (it was never switched to the beta feed), and around 10:40 CET decided it was time for a break. On returning, noted that the screen was black. First assumption was that it was in sleep but the power button was illuminated constantly, not blinking. Couldn't get any response so invoked a BSOD at about 11:08. On restarting, saw (as expected) that a2service.exe had bombed at 10:58:11. So, should I send the dump? Sadly, there are no debug logs. Ironically, the morning's work was documenting a UI problem and I had temporarily turned off debugging to be able to copy the logs after my break. I still have a dump taken when using 2018.11.0.9073 beta on my Dell stationary. It occurred (2018-12-05) when I set my printer preferences to 'duplex' to print a document. Would that be of any use, or can I delete it?
  15. Sorry, I missed your post of last Monday about the fix now being in the stable version. I switched to the beta version last Saturday. Anyway, the old problem surfaced today under the latest beta, 2018-11.09.2073, when preparing to print a document, setting the printer to duplex printing (I use Apache Open Office and an oldie but goodie Canon "MP730 SmartBase Photo" printer). Since the current fix is now stable, I'd prefer to return to the stable fold if that's OK with you. The problem with being in the beta community when trying to concentrate on a specific issue is that (obviously) other troubles tend to occur, thus muddying the waters.