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  1. Thanks for the explanation, GT500 and for the tip, redactor. I'll certainly give it a try next time this happens.
  2. Ah! I see why the magnifying glass usually disappears almost immediately. But sometimes (very, very seldom) it doesn't - just stays there. When this happens, I restart Windows. Is this the best course of action or is there something a little less drastic? Or can it simply be ignored?
  3. When Online Armor launches at Windows startup, the OA icon in the notification area is sometimes overlayed with a magnifying glass. What does this mean? I've searched the forum, looked in 'Help' and even asked Mr. Google, but none seem to have the answer. Running OA Premium under Win 7 SP1 32-bit
  4. My Internet Security Pack is due for renewal in 3 weeks. I note that it's cheaper for me to buy a completely new pack using this offer than to renew. Or is there a coupon code for renewing an Internet Security Pack? (The renewal dialogue won't accept 4B6NMC)
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