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  1. Again how about an ETA when the fully functional version is available???????????????????????
  2. I have/had a Win 10 machine, that EIS interface opened allowed, ticking of Beta Updates, rebooted & EIS FW & EIS work well. My 2nd machine will not allow EIS to open, claiming dependncies missing, service won't start. The fix "BETA" does not exist as a FULL install, or no Installer yet exists, containing the fix. IMO - Emsisoft is taking too long, bringing out this new version, which supports WIN10 & EIS FW! This web page stated the only, change made by the beta is the FW. They could make a build contains FW fix. This would satisfy allot of individual(s) like me with problems. They state they are waiting for feedback, before making a build that has the fix. Prior to the public release of WIN 10, Emsisoft should have been aware that a problem existed, therefor the clock, started ticking (time taken before, full installer version, with FW fix), from pre public release till, sometime in the future. In my case with a non functional EIS interface, & EIS complaining aboud dependencies, & service fail to start, the tray icon says, something like 'background only' while hovering over it. I've asked with no response, is the AV portion working & updating while, EIS interface won't open & it's complaining? No response! Some communication by Emsisoft, tomorrow, another week, perhaps a month etc., and the fix will be available, would help calm, impatient users, like myself. Not knowing if the AV portion is working or not, I had no choice but to uninstall EIS, & use an alternative AV. Therefore Emsisoft should email to users (licensed), when the fix is available, as a FULL install + extend licesnse for all EIS users, without user intervention.
  3. GT500 - Thank You! You should call the stable version then the update will take care of itself. Or if you name the stable version, then it won't be installed on updating. I'm sure you guys have already figured that out. On one machine I just enabled beta, she re-booted & win10 & EIS are now happy! If you name it .5602 I can now go turn beta off Thanks again Rico
  4. So the newest beta solves the FW problem? If using the beta, will it require uninstall, when, it out of beta, or will the update correct from beta to non beta? I've uninstalled EIS (in win10) & I'm waiting, for the fix, how can I find check versions numbers here, so as to not be dl'ing the same ver. Link to version or & beta? Any Idea when, EIS will be FULLY compatible with Win 10
  5. All cool steps 1 & 2, scan foes not find your product or manatu.
  6. @Arthur is your dl link special? Windows error was 1075 dependencies missing, why emsi service won't start.
  7. Installed win10 Emsisoft IS, broken not working, uninstall/re-install EIS will waiting for a service that won't start, manualy try to start service fails to start. Thanks
  8. This link worked for me: http://kb.macrium.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50224.aspx
  9. Hello, I had to follow these instructions: http://kb.macrium.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50224.aspx In order to open Macrium Reflect disk imaging software. On my Win 8.1, 64 bit machine. Will an update make the above procedure unnecessary? How would I know when I got it? Should the instruction or rules then be deleted, when the update, allows Macrium to open normally? Note: I have two Win 8.1 64 bit machines, both use Macrium Reflect, one opened normally (no additional rules required), while the other would fail after saying "YES" at windows UAC screen. Note: The above link may be for an earlier version of Emsisoft! Thanks Rick Also I enjoy your posts at Wilders
  10. Hi Guys, I'm new to EAM, & have always heard good things reagarding EAM, at Wilders etc.. My previous AV was Quoo 360, which ran very light, & very good product. EAM seems to be all over the place (never consistent) regarding mem usage. Sorted by "mem usage", EAM can be greater than 100k to less than, 3k. I understand that, should EAM be scanning, or downloading, mem usage would vary. Is there an adaption phase, where EAM learns or adapts, using higher mem usage. Thanks Rico