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  1. I turned off armor and ran OTL FIX but no log so I thought anyway removed armor ran OTL FIX once more and now their two logs here they are,,,still have a few issues that may take care of themselves
  2. OK ...What do you think about this...Thank You Shadow...It takes some time to start up but other than that it seems OK...Here is the OTL
  3. I restarted auto starts but forgot to reboot befor running MBR but here is the LOG...Here is the log after restart
  4. No problems with instructions...Ran as you said it would...Takes a long time to go from windows XP music to the desk top ...I have turned off some auto start items when we started does that matter.....? Here is the Log
  5. Well here is what happined. I removed COMODO...Ran GMER would not Run all the way theie was a blank square on top of graphical portion of program...So I went to Safe mode samething happined....Rebooted into Safe mode with Net working..Ran GMER samething But instead of quiting I Unmarked the box's as requested and pushed scan button...when finished same white box over graphical "I think the white box was the Popup stating what to do next ..Like scan found rootkit os something like that ..so I pushed Save and HERE IS THE LOG...Thank You...I just ran again so here is another log
  6. OK this may help alot I hope...GMER LOG ran as you described is attached I tried to upload and it says file too big WHAT TO DO.
  7. Here you are..I Removed EMESI. Armor from system and reinstalled after scans....
  8. YES I KNOW....A little something befor I run those for you. I have been working on this for about five years "where it comes from" and " how the infection comes about" as all processes are legal , drivers signed , etc. This Infection is almost never presued as the complexity of it...any "Forged Sec. cert." with Prgms within computer for excel etc. if interested contact me ...TKS PuterDude
  9. OK my friend here is the TDSKiller Log... Thank's...MalwareCheepShot
  10. I have included 3 MBR Logs in order ..Ran MBR Fix ..looked..Ran Again Here are the LOGS
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