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  1. To round things up on my end: my problems gone away with the 6465 build. I'm running it for two days now and everything seems to be in order. If I'll stumble upon any more bugs of this nature I'll let you now. m0unds, thanks for the test case and I hope you problem will be solved too.
  2. Yes, indeed I have, but is should only run for a couple of minutes before my screen turns off. It still does not explain why EIS wouldn't update itself after I start using my PC. Yesterday I had to trigger manual update in order for AU to start working normally. If there is anything I can do to help solve this please feel free to ask!
  3. Hi, I run EIS in beta channel and I'm currently using EIS Since latest update (one buffing up Automatic Game mode) I experience problems with EIS not triggering updates when it should (although I do not know if AGM is culprit here). Usual situation involves my leaving my PC on, but unattended for longer periods of time. Since I run in High Performance Power Option mode and don't use systems sleep function, Emsisoft IS would normally update itself while I'm away and screen is off. That is not what is happening recently though, just now I come back to my PC and it didn't update itself for past eight hours. On the other hand, if I would to run manual update, then automatic ones should trigger normally from now on (I had similar situation yesterday, and that's whats happened). I run diagnostic batch file if anyone would be interested
  4. Hi, Today my installation of EIS started to detect part of Unity Web Player located in registry as a Application.Toolbar (A). Would it be possible to check whether this detection is a false positive or should be worried ? TIA, Barthez scan_150824-150211.txt
  5. Thanks for your quick assistance Elise!
  6. Hi, a DLL file used by open source process manager called Process Hacker is detected as Gen:Variant.Symmi.6076. This particular file lets you send processes and DLLs directly from Process Hacker to VirusTotal. It's a BitDefender detection but I rather post it here.
  7. That's very good news, thanks Emsisoft team!
  8. 1. When receiving messages from WSC does EAM status window shows that shields are off?: 2. Also, when you receive a message from Windows 7 Security Center does EAM shield icon in system tray changes to indicate that program is off (red dot in lower left corner?): It could be just a problem with communication between security center and EAM, not EAM shutting itself off but we need more information
  9. That was really quick. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I was trying to access today and was surprised to see it being blocked by EAM. I assume it's false positive associated with site being blocked some time ago, as both addresses belongs to one company. I would be grateful is someone could looks at this site and if necessary make a correction in database. Cheers, Barthez
  11. Hi, I found that EAM blocks two websites using it's Surf Protection: 1. 2. First one leads to portal with news and programs and second one to private site, which hosts some usfull programs, like BASSMIDIDRV, program allowing to set custom SoundFonts to default windows midi player. If you would find those site clean could they be removed from block list? Thanks, Barthez
  12. Hi, a little bump, but i figured out it would be better then starting a new topic. Yesterday, I noticed that two servers: and are detected as malware hosts. I just updated EAM and they are still being detected. if you find those sites clean, could you please remove them from block list ? Thanks, Barthez
  13. User stated in one of his post that he plays online games. Since ping times are important there I suggested lowering download speeds when using a game mode as an alternative to not downloading updates at all. It could possibly solve some issues, although I'm sure not all of them I'm just pointing out where potential problems may be, and I'm suggesting alternative. I've never stated that this would not work at all. Avoiding potential problems before they happen seems like reasonable step.
  14. Maybe besides CPU, I/O usage is the problem? A slow disk for example? Other applications? Maybe just limit speed (to 10~50 kB/s) at which updates are downloaded? Delaying update for full-screen applications might be dangerous if some bug with detecting those would appear. Someone watching full-screen TV may not receive updates for hours if something like that happens. When only small part of available speed is used, then other on-going communication shouldn't be hindered so much. In theory.
  15. Hi, I tried to visit Piriform forums (authors of CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy) and discovered that address is blocked by EAM. Can someone from Emsisoft take a look at this forum and decide if blocking is still necessary ? Thanks in advance, Barthez