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  1. Hi,
     I run EIS in beta channel and I'm currently using EIS Since latest update (one buffing up Automatic Game mode) I experience problems with EIS not triggering updates when it should (although I do not know if AGM is culprit here). Usual situation involves my leaving my PC on, but unattended for longer periods of time. Since I run in High Performance Power Option mode and don't use systems sleep function, Emsisoft IS would normally update itself while I'm away and screen is off. That is not what is happening recently though, just now I come back to my PC and it didn't update itself for past eight hours.
     On the other hand, if I would to run manual update, then automatic ones should trigger normally from now on (I had similar situation yesterday, and that's whats happened). I run diagnostic batch file if anyone would be interested :)


    post-2863-0-36865500-1464629688_thumb.png post-2863-0-51945400-1464629713_thumb.png

  2. 1. When receiving messages from WSC does EAM status window shows that shields are off?:


    2. Also,  when you receive a  message from Windows 7 Security Center does EAM shield icon in system tray changes to indicate that program is off (red dot in lower left corner?):




    It could be just a problem with communication between security center and EAM, not EAM shutting itself off but we need more information :)

  3. While waiting for Emsisoft representative:

    1. Can you tell us if OA history log shows anything when you try to launch applications ? Kernel events, Program Guards notifications etc.

    2. You could enable debug mode in Online Armor (Options General Enable debug mode). Restart your PC and then run some programs refusing to start. Those logs might help to determine what is going on. Remember to disable debug mode after that. Logs you created are stored in Online Armor installation directory in /Logs folder. Someone from Emsisoft could ask you for those later on.

    From what you describe here it looks like for some reason OA have trouble getting a response from user (i.e. it didn't show any pop-ups; some error in communication between OA components exists etc.) and is blocking any application from starting by default, except for those essential for computer operation/whitelisted.

  4. It's hard to say. Avast has some kind of proxy tied to one of it's shields and internet communication is done through loopback, so it is possible that if that particular shield was enabled at time when svchost.exe tried to use internet, OA auto-trusted it with set of those port ranges - but it's just a theory.

    IIRC problems with time synchronization existed for some time now, even back when I used Windows XP.

  5. Hi,

    Online Armor allows setting a limit on how much CPU is to be dedicated to given program and also allows setting a CPU affinity. I'm currently running Windows 7 32bit, a system that is suppose to support this future.

    I tried limiting CPU power to 10% for conversion program Handbrake (handbrake.exe and handbrakeCLI.exe) to see if this works, but I saw no change in how much CPU was used.

    I also tried to set affinity to CPU1 for Windows Calculator, with no result. I then used program called RunFirst to do the same and it worked.

    This raises the question: Are those future working correctly or there is something else I'm missing?

  6. 1) When we adjust the EAM for updating from update proxy, it does no connect to server and update via Internet (online).

    I just tried using my ISP proxy to perform update and it works without any problems. Are you sure that proxy server you choose is active, allows such downloads or dosn't require authentication with login/password ?

    2) When we double click on "a2updateproxy.exe", its page open and doesn't close any way. Why???

    If I understand picture you attached correctly, then this program is used to create a proxy for EAM updates (ie. turn computer to proxy between LAN and internet). I think it doesn't need to be used if you only want to update your PC through some proxy of your choice.


  7. Try adding port 123 to UDP out of svchost.exe rule. It's in Firewall → Rules → Ports section of Online Armor. You also might want to try unchecking port 123 in Restricted Ports if previous tip doesn't work.

    I recently done a clean install of OA, and it looks like port 123 is added to svchost.exe UDP IN, not UDP OUT. It might be the cause of problems. Someone with more knowledge of subject should speak on this to confirm this ;)

    Also, Thanks for time.is - nice find :D

  8. Hi,

    I'm using latest version of EAM. Both my system and EAM are using English as language, although my regional settings are set in Windows to Polish (Poland).

    When I use HiJackFree, it's using Polish as language and I can't find a setting there to change language to English.

    Could someone please tell me if it is possible to change language of HiJackFree and if yes then how?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. My EAM BB settings are as fallow:

    I have never seen alert from BB about MRT when I run Windows Update. I'm curious about reasons for such behavior (In context of Ken1943 question).

    As a aside note, Ken1943, what version of EAM you are using ? I've tried adding MRT.exe found in /windows/system32 directory to EAM file guard exception list and didn't encounter any problems.

  10. I'm just a simple guy with a PC and internet connection ;)

    I read the test before posting, but I couldn't reach a definitive answer myself. How networks work is a big subject and I have feeling that it keeps getting bigger with every bit of information I learn.

    Thanks for filling some of the gaps!

  11. From what I've read the Remote Code Execution took significant role in defining -low- Online Armor score in this test.

    If I understood you correctly Fabian, you said that OA can't stop this kind of attacks, right ? If so will EAM/router would? Or should I start to worry ? ;)

  12. AFAIK:

    1. Gaming Mode suspends all EAM notification, so you won't be bothered with update pop-up when in middle of a fight in game or while watching romantic movie :) EAM works normally, you just don't receive any pop-ups.

    2. Regular Mode is just what name says. It's your default EAM settings you use everyday.

    3. The time mode you are referring to is probably a way to temporary disable EAM (both notifications and malware detections).

    If you have problem with certain application and you're sure it's safe you can exclude it from EAM monitoring. Navigate to Guard → File Guard → Manage whitelist and add program main executable, process name or simply whole directory to where your app is installed.


  13. If we see the necessity to update the forum software we will do it - especially when they include critical bug fixes. I would choose having to deal with a handful of users who complain about broken bookmarks or the fact that nobody informed them about an incoming update over having to explain to a raging crowd that their private information was stolen because we wanted to give them a 24 hour heads up before applying the patch anytime.

    This statement could only be true only when we assume that upgrading IP.Board broke previous skin and it had to be replaced by new one, with new functionality, is that the case?

    Also, is there a way to revert back to classic editing mode instead this WYSIWYG ? I can use "Toggle Editing Mode" but it also disables all BBCode buttons above edit field.


    I though that discussion about new forum skins would be held in Feedback forums, now I see that this matter is discussed in News section. Since I'm referring in my posts to the most recent forum skin changes, it could be wise and beneficial if our recent posts would be merged with existing thread in News forums.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Forums changed again?

    I usually sit quiet but this time I have to speak out. Please, warn us when you are about to make upgrades to forums. Use announcements, e-mails, PM. I'm sure that you (as admins, mods) are capable of doing so and board engine allow doing it.

    By upgrading this forum w/o any warning (I was here two days ago - didn't see any announcements) you're creating more trouble then it's really needed :)

  15. Polish translation is ready and waiting for implementation, although when Emsisoft decides to include it, is currently a mystery :)

    You can take a look at online help for OA to get more in-depth information on what specific options and settings do. Hopefully it will help you configure Online Armor to your likings.

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