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  1. Excluding Xfire folders in OA (both in Program Files and ProgramData) don't help much. Sadly i don't have time to beta test right now or submit error reports and since disabling OA helps, i will uninstall Online Armor for now. Maybe when SaftyCheck freeze and this bug will be solved, I'll come back/renew. Thanks everyone for trying to help.
  2. You might want to take a look at this post at avast forums. Vlk tries to answer similar question.
  3. I've got Steam.exe set as installer here, most probably by Online Armor itself. I just tried launching TF2 and got no problems, so it seems it would be safe to make use of catprincess advice
  4. Windows Event Viewer shows OAWatch.dll could be the problem here. It is mentioned in some of the logs. Excluding Xfire might be the temporary solution, but i use Xfire to launch most of my games and I'm not sure how they will act when parent process is excluded from OA protection. For now i just disable XIG in those games, or try yo live with it but i would rather find some real solution
  5. You could only exclude \defs sub-Dir in avast folder. It's C:\Program Files\Avast5\defs in my case. I don't know if we get those pop-ups because sf.bin is constantly changing, but i think that directory in which this file is located is also changing with every avast definition updates and this could be a part of the problem too.
  6. Hi, Xfire uses it's own in-game overlay that is used to create screenshots, record videos or for displaying FPS/clock etc. in various games. I noticed that sometimes when XIG is used and OA is working, when i exit certain games (i recall Saints Row 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Alpha Protocol right now but surly there are more) I'm presented with fallowing pop-up from game executable: I noticed that disabling XIG solves this issue. Exiting OA or Xfire too. Excluding game folder from OA does not helps. Xfire.exe (main executable for Xfire) and xfire_tucan_xxxx.dll (used for XIG AFAIK) are marked as trusted in OA. As stated before, problems seems to exists only in with couple of games. Numbers at the end of error message stays the same in all games, despite numerous reboots. Is this a known issue? Can someone using Xfire could verify that? Should i submit a bug report ? Xfire official site Wikipedia entry on Xfire
  7. The Web Shield doesn't get along well with Opera It's not browser duty to work with every security applications, it's security application duty to be as compliant with other software as possible. Browser duty is to serve web pages correctly. If you think that there is a specific bug in Opera browser that brakes Web Shield, then please submit it to Opera Bug Tracking System.
  8. When OA is running, right-click its icon in notification area and choose Open User Area. Browser will open up and you will be taken to your user area in Online Armor website, choose View My Licenses link. You should be able to see your OA key there. HTH
  9. 1. Online Armor Wish-list thread is a good idea. Maybe moderators could rename and stick this one ? 2. Windows Balloon tooltips coming from notification area are controlled -AFAIK- by system and font used there or tooltip color can't be changed by application itself. Maybe if application could create it's own tooltips... but I don't know if it's possible and how much work it could take to implement it.
  10. Does this bug happens every time you run browser ? Does it happen with different programs? If you exit OA (Close and shutdown Online Armor in right-click menu of OA tray icon) does this stops above problem ? The memory could not be 'read' error could mean that there is something wrong with your memory stick(s), there are programs out there to test memory for errors, but let's leave it as a last resort.
  11. Since catprincess explained everything, I'll drop link to web help, if you would like to read more about this (and other) futures: http://www.online-armor.com/webhelp3/KF-RunSafer.html
  12. Some say it's overkill to do that for some applications (like music players), but i do that anyway Only problem you can encounter is the fact, that some auto-update functions may not work properly, since with Run Safer activated, application have no install rights.
  13. If you would use a Run Safer option with a Trusted program, then program would be launched normally but with limited rights. If you would use a Run Safer option with a Not-Trusted program, then you would be asked about every action that this application wants to perform (get list of files, create an executable etc.) and if you would allow it, then this action would be launched with limited rights. HTH
  14. Due to various techniques used is MSE by default (unpacking of executables, scanning of archives) it could be CPU/Memeory intensive is some cases, but other then that I didn't find any problems w/ OA+MSE combo
  15. In Online Armor GUI go to Options → Firewall and see if Autoconfigure trusted programs option is checked.
  16. AFAIK old forum will be available as read-only and no transfer is planned due to possible problems with database merge (this two forums run on different forum engines).
  17. AFAIK It's a known issue. Safety check wizard can hang itself while checking certain areas (mostly Start menu in Windows). Developers are trying to crack this, but in the meantime only working solution i know is to start hitting STOP button just after SCW starts.
  18. Hi, in our old forum there is a topic of user experiencing similar problems (but with LogMeIn). OA developer answer was: I'm sadly not able to tell you if that fix made its way to final release, but you can try to update your OA to latest version - if you haven't done this already - and check if that fixes your problem. Hopefully someone from OA team would be able to answer to you shortly.
  19. Maybe do a redirects (HTTP 301)? support.online-armor.com should redirect to this sub-forum. Here should be a Sticky explaining what's going on (titled Welcome to our new forums etc.). You could post a link to the old forums there, which would be moved at this time to another address indicating it's status, like online-armor.com/archive/forums or something like that Just a thought.
  20. So this is our new home... Doesn't look so bad
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