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  1. I notice that MSE gives out that last time there was update of the files was at 31 january at 13:19 just checked at 19:01
  2. just did the manual update of MSE, still gives the file as trojan
  3. this is the file strange thing is that this only happens to 1 laptop other 2 don't have the problem but have also EIS and MSE a2hooks64.dll
  4. Still detected as trojan. see screen photo of laptop where this happened in home just 5 minutes ago
  5. in short it says I had same problem after a Friday morning program update and restart the laptop after that. I didn't notice that Friday that there were no updates anymore, I noticed it first on Monday where program stayed orange and last update of Friday morning no automatic update and also no update by hand. even with firewall stopped still the same I removed EIS, also with some problems. used the Emsisoft cleaner.exe after removal restarted the laptop, installed the fresh downloaded EIS again and after that automatic update functioned again pç/laptop here who updated the latest EIS on Saturday and Monday were not infected hope it helps you
  6. had the same problem this week I don't know if you can read German but this was the forum part and solution for me and someone else: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/24744-emisoft-findet-upate-server-nicht-und-probleme-mit-lizenzschlüssel/?view=findpost&p=156746
  7. Ich habe mit W7 systemwiederherstellung alles zuruck gesetzt bis letzte woche Mittwoch. danach konnte ich Emsisoft wieder entfernen neu aufgestartet, neue version downloaden und installiert hier funkioniert dass wieder. ganz toll, wegen eine fehler wie diese kostet mir dass auf unseren buro mehr als eine stunde spendiert an diesen .... jetzt die andere 3 laptops mal dasselbe machen
  8. neu installieren geht hier nicht bekomme ein fehler mitteillung dass ein file weg ist wenn ich de-installieren wahle wenn ich neu installieren drucke dann kommt wieder ein fehlermeldung dass die alte version erst weg sein soll ausser dass mochte ich diesen deinstallier und neu installier crap nicht ich habe hier schon etwas besseres zu tun 4 x laptop, alle 4 dass gleiche problem
  9. funkioniert auch nicht hatte ich schon probiert auch mit alles aus funkioniert es nicht seit Freitag 1 July 09:19 ist keine update mehr da nach meiner meinung ist dass nach der herstart nach einen update am Freitag morgen
  10. habe hier dass gleiche nichts geändert, ab heute morgen keine uodate, auch nicht mit der hand habe und gebrauche keine proxy mit internet ist auch nichts loss, sonst konnte ich hier auch nicht reagieren
  11. OK, can you make a note for it here so I can put the settings back to stable immediately after it?
  12. Hello, I did the beta update. It worked, Google toolbar is back, no script errors anymore. But, as soon as I put the update from Beta to Stable EIS asked me after some minutes to restart the computer after an update and after that, no Google toolbar, script errors again, etc. I just did this Beta update once to check if it worked, but seeing the risks of Beta in software, I don't want to keep it in this Beta update mode. But when I put it back in Stable I get immediately the wrong version again. So maybe you could make this hotfix in the stable version very soon?
  13. Till now I didn't have any reason to not update normal.
  14. I don't know if I want that. I am running my business on this laptop, I don't want to endanger it by getting problems with beta things. I have sone very bad experiences with that in other software. What I find quite difficult in this and maybe KT in Illinois also, is that I report something wrong with detailed what I tried, what didn't work, provided screenshots, etc. Like always in my professional career in usinng pc/software since 1989 is that at first always is looked at disabling this, enabling that, changing bla bla, stopping this process etc etc etc etc All these things what should be adjusted in some way did work perfectly beofre and didn't have ANY influence before but first gave problems AFTER the update of EIS. To my opinion it is pretty clear after my removing, restoring and again updating that bthe problem is in the EIS update. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can try at home with the laptop of one of my children. They have exactly the same problems. When something would be wrong with the beta I don't mind so much when the laptop won't woirk for a few days. With this laptop I don't take any risks, I also put back all the enabled/disabled/stopped/whatever back to what it was, I don't want any risks
  15. Maybe the initial post wasn't clear enough? I haven't changed anything, all was working fine before. Problems started after installing the fresh update of EIS. Today again, to test what you suggested: I restored system to February 1, rebooted, all was working fine with AND without Enhanced Protect Mode. Prompt of update of EIS after few minutes, waited some time to do the testing if all was working fine, it did, toolbar was there, no script errors. Restarted again because program wants me to and than the same problem occurs, no Google Toolbar and constant script errors. Seeing the first post and testing again today I am pretty sure that this is caused by something in the update of EIS, not because of something changed here or adjusted. In mean time there were also no updates or patches installed of any program, just the new version of EIS.
  16. still the same. script errors and no Google toolbar
  17. Hello, after update today of Internet Security and necessary reboot after the update I noticed that my Google toolbar was missing and I got all kind of warning messages of script errors at almost every website I normally visit I expected to have relationship in today update of EIS so I did system restore to yesterday, started normal, Google toolbar was there again and also all websites could be visited without any problems. after I restarted following the EIS update of today again: the toolbar was missing again and also all script errors got back also when visiting this forum 2 examples are here as example I did some extra searching for an answer: The problems only seems to occur in IE 11, in FF, Chrome and Opera there are no script warnings. There were no patches or updates for IE11 yesterday or today. Only new item which causes to my opinion this problem is today update of EIS. I put the laptop for the second time back again with restore to yesterday, again all was working fine after that. The problem with script warnings came back again after the update of EIS and the restart after the update. so, what would be the solution for this? EIS 11.00.6131 W7 64 bit Home all patches, updates and whatever are up to date fiber optic network, IPv4 and IPv6 are possible, depending on where I work in building
  18. twice? OK, let's try that. I didn't have time to do this on my laptop today, will try it tomorrow. strange thing is that it won't install because there is a version it says but you can't delete the version anyway, I will let you know tomorrow evening after I tried
  19. thanks, will try that this afternoon
  20. this morning got some problems in program, didn't start, sometimes black screen tried to remove it and reinstall, normally piece of cake now the removal didn't work and when trying to install again I get message that I must remove first old program but that doesn't work what now? by the way, did with EEK test, nothing wrong on that side, no malware or whatever, so we can skip that
  21. I know 100% mistake free software doesn't exist, or at least not in constant changing software like against virusses etc for normal office use what doesn't change I simply expect 100% figures or it shouldn't have been on the market on first page some tester asked if I could be tester too, since I am one of the few with IPv6 end next week it is more quite on office, so I can have a look at what that would mean I don't want to end up each time with non working laptop and all the stress what comes to that
  22. well, that escaleted quickly I can imagine the frustration with laopa, I felt almost the same after installing last year the new EIS instead of OA and AM and getting some problems with it immediately that was solved quite quickly but to my opinion it shouldn't have happened in the first place. now I read above that OA wasn't working with IPv6 so since July 2014 when we got glass fiber here I had a firewall which wasn't working or not working at 100%? now there was again some problem with EIS and again something to do with the IPv6 as I understand. I don't know how product is developed or tested before getting an update on the web, but I really hope next updates will be also tested for IPv6 users as I see on Google it is rapidly growing
  23. when I wouldn't use my laptop for my webshop when at home I would consider that, but I can't have any problems in beta testing only thing I can do is report problems immediately when it is there
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