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  1. Hello, yesterday I renewed the license, decided to change from Anti Malware and Online Armor to go to Intenet Security removed the old ones, restarted, installed new software after about 1 hour Blue Screen of Death, after 2 hours again, followed by BSOD again after 5 minutes and so on removed today, installed again, till now already 3 x BSOD also on other laptop, same problem within 5 minutes after install what is wrong? I ca'n't upload the dump file here as attachment
  2. Hello, half an hour ago during the normal virusscan I got an warning about some node6432 trojan after the scan I pressed remove, run another scan, during that scan I got warning about some trojan in temp internetfiles but before I could do something I got blue screen after starting up I get a strange rectangular screen with strange symbols in safe mode I get same my laptop won't do anything anymore, also the USB flash thing I got by post about month ago isn't doing anything even when I choose USB flash at startup/boot don't know what to do now this post is from other pc