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  1. Well, it does not work again, that BSOD wa probably only good thing left from Comodo. :'( I give it a try tomorrow, but it looks, that I will move back to Windows firewall or no firewall. I tried all freeware 64-bit compatible firewalls and they all let me down, they just do not like me.
  2. It started to work by itself. I got BSOD 124 (Comodo leftovers related, I hate that Comodo junk) and after restart it worked. I just hope, that it will last, but I think about doing a clean instal anyway, if BSOD continues. See you and thanks for help.
  3. Yes, I allowed everything, I removed Chrome, it recreated rules, but it still does not work. :/
  4. I use Chrome dev and it just updated and since then, it can not connect to the internet. I tried to remove it from rules, thinking it has problem with updated MD5 signature. I restarted PC a few times, I allowed all (TCP, UDP, IN, OUT, 0-65535), but nothing. Chrome works just fine, when I shutdown the firewall, when I start it, it is dead in the watter again. Logs shows nothing blocked, Chrome just keep loading forever or it reports, page not responding, kill it. I have Win7 64-bit, no other realtime security, I use only firewall, HIPS and other features are disabled. Chrome - General - Apps rules - Global rules -