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  1. I'm not a forum expert, but my hobby for the last ten years has been computer security, and I've had all the major AV products at one time or another. Kaspersky is rated as one of the best, but my opinion is very low, and they sell two other clones under different names. I used to swear by Comodo, because it was the best I had found. Then Comodo allowed some files to corrupt my system, and after seeing that Bit Defender was the top pick , I bought and installed that AV. It did no better than comodo had done, and I asked for a refund and was politely given one. I installed EMSI anti malware trial and it found the files causing the corruption, and removed them, and my system was ok again. It has protected my PC's for over a year now, without fail, finding and removing worms and virus's as they entered my systems. In my opinion, Comodo is just overkill, as EMSI AV will detect everything Comodo will and a few that Comodo won't even detect. But that's my humble opinion
  2. Update..... I just noticed on your homepage, theres a special. Three licenses of anti malware for $39.95 USD for new customers. So where is my 25% discount for being a valued return customer? You're trying to charge me $52.46 for the same thing that you're selling new customers for $12.50 less than that. It looks like you're trying to charge me 25% more for being a valued customer. And the price for renewing my internet security software is almost $70 for three licenses, including my 25% discount, and I sent my original invoice for $49.95 last year. You've almost doubled your prices and saying I'm getting a discount, when I'm paying more. I love your product, but I don't care much for your business practices.
  3. When I went to renew my three pc license for internet security, it only offered me a price for anti malware with a 25% discount totaling $52.46 I found my original bill from Cleverbridge for EMSI Internet Security ref #39321935 dated 12/11/2012 for 3 pc's $49.95 . It contained anti marware plus online armor. You're trying to charge me more than I paid last year and offering me half the protection. And you're telling me that i'm getting a 25% savings for being a loyal customer. Thats approximatly $37.75 with 25% off the original price for an internet security renewal. Is that the price I can expect to pay when I renew or were you just trying to fool me into thinking I was getting a deal for being loyal?
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