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  1. update: This occurred on the 7th of December. Today is the 20th. This still has not been settled. My computer was set to factory settings on the 18th of November. I am hearing that this might be a registry issue. Just for the record, I do not use any registry editing software for this computer. Hopefully if it is a registry error, I can be told how to manually fix it, if nothing else. I will await an official answer.
  2. I don't know what the deal is. Many times I do not get email notifications from Emisoft. My isp is AT&T. EDIT: Images removed as per poster's request.
  3. Alright, I sent the screen shots to you, at the email address you said to. You should have them any moment. I attached the screen shots, there are two of them. Thanks, Kelly
  4. Well, I tried it and that didn't work either.
  5. I uninstalled and reinstalled in safe mode. When I saw it didn't delete the adapter, I tried to uninstall it in safe mode too. I had already tried numerous times to uninstall it in regular mode. I rebooted twice. I then tried to uninstall the mini port adapter once I restarted again. Still no luck. So I just put on the windows firewall. I am not up for a system restore today. I am going to have to think if it is worth it for me to do that or not. I have never had so much trouble with OA before. Maybe this didn't happen when I installed the wireless network. I just noticed it after doing that work. I don't think I saw the mini port previous to that time frame. I can't understand why removing in safe mode did not work with the uninstall. I just realized I did a Windows uninstall with add/remove programs. I will reinstall and uninstall in safe mode, and try the OA uninstall. Maybe that will do it. I just now thought of it, that is IF there is a OA uninstall from start, programs, OA.
  6. Well I did option 2, and it did not work. For the time being I am on the Windows Firewall. No sense reinstalling OA if the dang mini port is still there. I tried to take it (adapter) off twice in safe mode, it would not let me. I have not heard back on that OA support ticket either. System Restore may not get it, and I may go through a bunch of trouble for nothing. If that is my last option, I guess I could try it, but I would almost rather got to windows firewall that go back and have to redo all my stuff. That stinks because I just paid for two years of OA. This is my 3rd license under OA.
  7. I hope I don't have to do a system restore. I have been talking to the OA support via a ticket, and I get an average of one message a day. It is ridiculous. I will try to remove in safe mode. I cannot believe that putting a wireless network on caused this problem for me from the firewall. Even the XP went through it with flying colors. I cannot trust the OA, and now I am getting aggravated because this has been going on for a few days, and I am very unsure if my firewall is working. The tech asked if 4 OA programs were running in the taskbar earlier. I said only two of them were. No reply, and that was hours ago. If I do a system restore, all the stuff I did to get this computer up right, and wireless network will be gone. I have spent hours upon hours trying to get this right. I did a total factory settings rework job not long ago. (2-3 weeks ago) Well thanks for trying to help me.
  8. The first time, no. It just rebooted after uninstall. Today I uninstalled, rebooted, checked to see if the mini port was still there, it was. I rebooted again. Still there. I hit uninstall the adapter itself, nothing. I hit uninstall adapter again. It did not go away. I then rebooted again. It was still there. So I reinstalled OA again. It is still there.
  9. Uninstalled, and reinstalled, the mini port is still there. I am replying to the open support ticket I have, to see what to do. If anyone knows here what to do, that would be good too. I am not sure at this point if OA is secure or not, and that is a bit nerve wracking.
  10. They sent me the key. So I had to Register My Key. Now I will uninstall and reinstall.
  11. Okay dear, I will have to wait I guess. Thank you so much for the help.
  12. It just shows the dates, and when they expired. First installed dates, and update expiration. It does not show that I have a working license on that page. As I said, I know I do. It shows I have 707 days left. I bought this license on Nov 18th. I am thinking that it is the same license since I did not keep a new license, or they never sent it, and I still used the same number. Regardless I have the email saved that shows I paid for it, from Pay Pal. I guess I should say maybe they sent it, but I never received it. I did not get a notification this time from the forum again that you replied, but I have most of the others from this thread. I have an open customer support request, and I replied to it this morning, but no reply back yet. I am wondering if the firewall is working correctly with the mini port issue. I am afraid to go on Ebay or Pay Pal, or anything like it right now.
  13. So I am wondering with the mini port issue, does this mean OA cannot do it's full job right now? If not, I guess it is better to uninstsall, reinstall, and put my old number in. If the current number is not the old number they are going to have to send me a new license key I guess. I have the email showing that I paid, and it was on the 18th of November. This is very strange indeed. Kelly
  14. I finally got an answer this morning. They just sent me a password. When I went to view licenses, it only shows the last two I have had. It does not show the current one I am on now. When I check on it, via configuration it says it expires in 707 days. (once you connect the about button) I am going to reread what you said. I am thankful for your help. I have been getting Emisoft email now, well almost all of it. for the past couple of days.