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  1. Thank you for the updates. I too would be more than happy to try a pre-release update and provide feedback but you certainly sound as if you are in the correct area.
  2. Well at least I dont feel so "alone" now Seriously though, I do apreciate everyones responses. I know what a pain it can be trying to identify these unusual conflicts.
  3. I used the sledgehammer approach (at least until I found the offending item) and uninstalled WB completely (along with all other stardock software). I was planning to reinstall items one at a time when the source of the conflict is found.
  4. I should also have added I did manage to clear history eventually. Very ocassionally I can get into the options to do this - no pattern that I have found as yet. Further I left it talking to itself on several occasions to see if it either freed up or timed out with an error the longest period was for just over eight hours (overnight) and this appeared to make no difference at all. Sort of leads me to think of a sort of race condition where if one element is loading before the other it locks but if things load the otherway around it is ok. My only other comment (bassed on the lack of "me too" type posts here) is "Why me!".
  5. Just as an update to this I have tried various options but it is still locking up all of the time the configuration window is opened thus rendering the program "sub optimal" (being polite). I can't see any programs that could or are interracting with this. One fact I did not post is that in its "locked up state" it is still using a high processor utilisation but a fairly small memory footprint leading me to wonder if it is loading correctly in the first place. oaui.exe 17% cpu (constant) 5.356 Mb. Once this has been opened the only way to close it again is to log off or reboot. Any (polite suggestions most welcome.
  6. OK an update Stapp "Sheep expert" - disturbing Added exclusions into Anti-Malware and managed to get into the options in OA on reboot (as the system was booting) and added exclusions there. It now gets interesting. I can get into OA GUI as intended now but if I select the History "tab" then it becomes unresponsive as before. Any other tab appears to be fine until history is selected. Now previously it had always been opening on the history tab so adding the exclusions may or may not have made a difference. Fabian, thank you for your thoughts. I do indeed have windowblinds installed but not active, I will however add the exclusions and see what difference it makes. Thanks again both for your thoughts. R
  7. Hi and thank you for your prompt reply. No I have not tried that yet. I should add to my original post that everything was working fine prior to my upgrade to version 5 of OA (this may of corse be a coincidence). Is there any way I can add anti malware to OA's exclusions without using the gui ? I will add things in the other way around though and let you know what happens. If all else fails I will try blocking connectivity to the lan and shutting down anti-malware and then giving oa a try. Will report back if anything significant happens !
  8. Hi, I am currently experiencing the following problem with Online Armor 5. If I open the GUI then whenever I select any menu item on the left I get the timer curor and nothing changes in the right hand side. Further I am unable to close the GUI. If I change between advanced and standard mode from the right click menu on the icon in the notification area then the menu on the right hand side of the GUI changes even when it is in its unresponsive state. This is happening 100% of the time. I have tried reininstalling (over the top) and it makes no difference. If I uninstall and then reinstall then it appears to work for a short time possibly until a reboot but I am not certain of that as yet. Once it gets into its unresponsive state it is not possible to force quit from windows and clearly due to the nature of the product I suspect it can't be killed directly from processes. Current system is Windows 7 SP 1. No other anti anything apart from Emsisoft Anti-Malware No obvious clues in any of the system logs. Thanks for your help. R