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  1. yes it is definetly a2service.exe and it is trying to connect to which i presume is update servers. i have used this program from when it was the old version and it never used to ask for an outgoing connection unless i was updating (even with verify modules at startup ticked). i doubled checked my settings and unticked everythin. now this will sound wierd but now it is not doing it everytime i boot and seems somewot erratic so i am kind of perplexed. i have also checked msconfig to ensure it isnt starting as w7 boots and it isnt listed
  2. every time i boot my pc a2service.exe is asking for an outgoing conection how do i stop this from happening? i only wish to have this program "dial home" when i update my signatures i have tried setting the service to manual and it stops it requesting the conection when i boot however when i start the program update it and then shut it down it keeps asking for a connection again. any help please
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