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  1. but fortunately the updated work from time to time without changing protocol.
  2. so this solution works , but it bothers me to change protocol!!!
  3. they told me that I must use L2TP protocol when I want to update EIS It' s the biggest solution of th year!!!!
  4. I did a ticket to VyprVPN support, I'm waiting. Today, I have not issue for updating EIS but I know that tomorow or later the issue will come again .
  5. I confirm with L2TP update works, then just before the chameleon protocol that does not logs on the update server. For the moment.
  6. false joy , today it does not work with the openVPN and chameleon protocol, I tried with the L2TP protocol and it seems to work
  7. for three days , I have no problem if it starts again , I'll try to stop the firewall
  8. I do not know how but the computer on again , the updated EIS was done with the default configuration VyprVPN . it's really strange and this is what happens regularly , once it works and once not.
  9. I did but no connection after, can't go to internet
  10. I have the same issue with my laptop too
  11. how can I disable leak protection on Vyprvpn?
  12. not working, I restart PC after reset TCP/IP
  13. strange strange....sometimes it works and sometimes not, with the same version like you
  14. I changed DNS but update failed "Can not connect to the server for updated"
  15. I will try it to see if it is better but i'm going to tell the problem to VyprVPN support about their VyprDNS. thanks
  16. Hello m0unds, yes I use VyprDNS must I try to disable it?
  17. Hello, here the trace route. I did it just after a successfull update Emsisoft_Update_Server_Traceroute_Log.txt
  18. Hello, here the trace route. I did it just after a successfull update
  19. Hello, most of the time, EIS can't update when vpn is running, I must disconnect it. Do you have an idea? cdlt
  20. Hello fax and wheelie uk, I uninstall all and reinstall VYPRVPN first and then EIS and it's ok now
  21. Hello, I had the same issue with VYPRVPN after EIS update, I had a BSOD and now the VPN app doesn't start. thx
  22. not for me... it's very strange this issue.
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