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  1. I deciced that I would not renew my previous OAP licence having not remembered to check when it expired, also not getting a reminder to renew, to so reverted to the free version.


    I took the 30 day free trial of OAP, which incidentally did not have a functioning Banking Mode but what the hell because it's not what it used to be..

    At the end of the 30 days, I was inveted to try the30 day free trial again. I closed down the window and carried on my merry way round the internet.

    It wasn't until next day that I noticed that OA free hadn't loaded on boot up. So launched it manually.


    Since then, I keep getting an invitation to try the 30 free trial of OAP. No matter whether I close the window, or ckick on "Next" to be told the trial has expired, the OA free closes down on its own. I then have to launch it manually.


    What the hell is going on???????

  2. I used to have OAP for about 5 years (I think).


    Then because

    a) I didn't keep an eye on when it expired      and

    b) there was no warning from the program that expiry was getting close


    It defaulted to the free version.


    Then yesterday when I booted up the old machine the free OA didn't load. So loaded it from the "All programs" list. As I kept getting the 30 day free trial prompt, I deleted OA, rebooted twice, then went to the Emsisoft web site to reload the free version.


    Couldn't find a download link, anywhere, then by chance happened to notice at the end of the page that OA defaults to the 30 day free trial anyway.

    That could have been put somewhere more obvious to limit the amount of time wasted looking for the free version download link.


    Ok, so loaded it.

    Today I wanted to go to my bank site, and activated BM. First attempt the bank site wouldn't load. Second attempt, bank site loaded but the account log in screen wouldn't load.

    Third attempt - turn off BM, and it all worked as it should.


    So what the ......... is going on with OA. Not that I care much because I am actively looking for an alternative to go to before the end of the 30 days as OA is not a patch on the TALL EMU version of manyt years ago.

    The thread about "Domains in v7" totally destroyed my faith in the security of BM (trusts all sites listed in Favourites - what a farce)

  3. An ignorance induced panic posting.


    If it should be in the "Help my pc is infected" please move it there.


    Quick scans with Avast Free AV, Malware Bytes and Spybot S&D showed no immediate threats found. I should have done them before posting. Sorry

  4. I got an update fail window open for the auto update, so tried a manual update.

    This came up, and I don't know who/what the "peer" mentioned is/means.


    All and any help will be appreciated.


    No connection changes have been made - to the best of my knowledge. :(




  5. as Online Armor won't add either of these types automatically[\quote]


    That is patently untrue, other than my bank site which is set as "protected", I have NEVER added a domain as "trusted" to the domains list. ALL"trusted" sites have been added by OAP - to repeat, ALL have been added by OAP


    That being said, most other products provide a protected and isolated browser for banking transactions, that is fundamentally different from what we use.[\quote]


    Maybe if you used that system for Banking Mode, it would avoid all this controversy??

    Then again if it wasn't called Banking Mode .... To me the title infers that the mode is to specifically isolate banking activities from all other activities.

  6. G-Girl mentioned that the only options are block or trust.

    Perhaps it would cause less confusion if sites other than OA's known trustable sites were listed as "Unknown" as per the programs list, along with the colour coding.

    That (imo) would make it easier to weed out the ones we don't want to trust just because we went there and OA trusted it all by it's self.


    Althoug it has been mentioned that Banking Mode looks for trusted sites in case they need to be added to BM later, I still don't understand why this should be. If another site needs to be added to BM, is there a simple/easy way for it to be added by the user. Or maybe put the bank site into learning mode again to add the site.


    To my simple mind, banking mode should only access the bank site and it's subdomains regardless of whether the other sites are trusted or not. Wasn't that the original idea of it - way back when?


    In a previous post I mentioned about the various "doubleclick" sites being trusted, and was told not to add it then. Well I have never done that, OA did as it has done with a myriad of other sites simply because they were visited, and not in learing mode.

  7. Fabian said   "Threads like this one are cases where people suddenly noticed, that they were able to reach certain sites in banking mode, because they were added by Online Armor to the domain list as being trusted due to the various mechanisms we talked about in this thread at great length. The only difference is, that all this processing and auto trusting of domains was hidden from the user and Online Armor never showed you the actual list of domains it trusts internally but only the list of domains you added. This secrecy is gone and Online Armor 7 now lets you see and edit the actual list instead of hiding it from you"


    What (if anything) would happen if I deleted the entire list of domains. Would it automatically add, and trust, sites that I only visited once out of curiosity. A visit does not necessarily mean it is trusted

  8. "The DNS watching aspect of banking mode is enabled all the time. That means, even if banking mode is off, Online Armor will still watch all your DNS requests, constantly looking out for domains that you trust and want to be accessible in banking mode, constantly populating the list of trusted IPs just in case you decide to enable banking mode later."


    But I don't want any domain other than my bank to be accessible during banking mode whether I trust them or not!


    "Banking Mode

    Banking Mode is designed to secure your online banking. When you enable Banking Mode, Online Armor will only allow your computer to connect to Trusted or Protected domains"


    Why not only allow Protected domains?

    ad.doubleclick.net is listed as trusted in the domains list. I didn't actively decide to trust it, so whyhow is it there?


    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I can access Hotmail and Yahoo.au. but not this site, and I would rather trust this site than the other two, and certainly wouldn't want them to access my bank site.


    "So when you look at our example above, you first visit news.com, then engage banking mode, and then try news.com again, you won't be able to visit news.com, because although your browser knows the IP of news.com, Online Armor won't allow your browser to connect to that IP. However, if you visit banking.com with banking mode engaged, Online Armor will see the DNS request for banking.com and allow it, then sees the result of that request and adds the returned IP addresses to the trusted list, essentially allowing your browser to resolve and connect to banking.com."


    So how come some sites are allowed in BM, but not others?


  9. The pre-fetch data has nothing to do with web browsing. There is no way to distinguish a pre-load request from a normal request initiated by the user. If there was a way, we would have added it.



    If you notice you are able to access a site that you don't want to access during banking mode, just go to the Domains list and delete the entry. Whether or not it is a security risk is debatable. I would argue that most users trust the sites they have in their bookmarks anyways, as otherwise they would have never bookmarked them in the first place. So being able to access them with banking mode engaged may not be a big deal for them. However, I am sure there are plenty of users who will disagree.


    There, I said I was showing my ignorance    lol


    I can access Hotmail, Yahoo.au and some other sites, but oddly enough not this forum :)

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