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  1. Appologies for my mistake - it should have read " So why does OA not ignore the pre-loading requests during learning if they are not needed, and so (potentially?) reduce the purpose of Banking Mode's security" [Note to self - preview the post before posting it ] I'm making a possibly big assumption here - CCleaner can remove what it calls "pre-fetch data", so my assuption is that it is the same as what you refer to as pre-load. If CCleaner can find it, shouldn't OA find and ignore it during learning mode? Now that's showing my ignorance about how things work "So if pre-loading causes sites to be added by accident you can remove them." Where/how would I find the "accidentally added sites" in order to remove them from the Banking Mode facility, and is the security of BM compromised because of those sites being included? I am trying to learn and understand by asking the questions, as opposed to making criticisms as that is not my intention.
  2. "The same is true for all sites in your browser bookmarks or favorites, which trigger similar pre-loading behaviors when you start your browser. Usually this isn't a big deal, however if this pre-loading happens while you are learning a new banking site, Online Armor will see those pre-loading requests and assume that those requests are necessary for the banking site to work properly." So why does OA not ignore the pre-loading requests if they are not needed, and so reduce the purpose of Banking Mode's security. It would apear that the assumtion is wrong.The following is taken from the Emsisoft site, and in light of what you say about pre-loading, appears (to my simple mind) to be untrue, in particular the bit I have highligted in red. Additional bonus: Online Banking ModeWhile it is extremely convenient to use your computer for banking and other online transactions, it does have the potential to be very dangerous. Online Armor addresses these worrying risks with its unique and extremely secure Online Banking Mode. In this mode the computer can only connect to self-authorized online banking sites, while no other sites, including phishing sites, can be accessed. To enable this feature you need only supply the correct web-address of your own bank/financial institution. Using the integrated Online Armor Browser, online banking can then be carried out absolutely risk free. You say "I agree that most moms and dads will have a rather hard time using Online Armor since version 3.0" yet also say that it has always been promoted for just those people! I am now totally confused about all of this.
  3. Fabian said "Sorry, but our customer data and surveys disagree with you. The vast majority of our users (more than half to be a bit more precise) is male, older than 60, and has pretty much no clue about computers what so ever. Online Armor specifically has always been advertised as a firewall for moms and dads, even back in the Tall Emu days" As a 74 year old male retiree, I originally bought from Tall Emu OA because it was advertised for moms and dads. And I have to say that I have the feeling that it has become more complicated than it used to be, possibly because of all the previous discussions about Banking Mode and also this topic. Many moons ago I posted a topic about being able to access a variety of web sites while still in BM, as it was promoted as only allowing access to that specific site. With the above discussion, it would appear that this is no longer so because of the server trusts as opposed to the site trust. Or is my impression wrong, and I am prepared to accept that it is. I haven't tested it recently. The sudden appearance of the previously hidden domains caused me some confusion also, and I personally don't see the need for them to be seen now as it makes finding the ones I want to find more time consuming - aging eyes and all that My overall emotional feeling is that I no longer underststand OAP, with less of a feeling of internet security that I originally had. I'm not saying that it is a poor program, just that the old glowing feeling of safety has dimmed somewhat. Just my feed back about how I feel and not trying to hi-jack the thread.
  4. So to my aging and non technical mind, it would seem that as OA trusts servers not domains, any "nasty" web site could use that server with impunity whether in BM or not?
  5. To my simple and aged mind, it seems a bit silly to add domains as trusted, apparently just for the sake of it. If I wanted a load of American banking sites, I would have added them myself. I don't understand the reasoning behind it.
  6. Dallas7 asked "If some of these are deleted (Trust youtube? I think not.) will they return upon a Signatures and Rules update?" Will they?
  7. From time to time a window opens (file attached) Is this an infection, and if so how can it be fixed please?
  8. And I have a lot of banking sites from all over the world that I have never visited, and have no reason to do so, listed in the domains as "trusted". This is along with other "trusted" sites that I have no idea what they are, or where they have come from.
  9. My bank made changes to it's site so OA wasn't responding properly. Try the learning mode again just in case it's the bank's changes. See also http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/5208-known-online-armor-issues/
  10. OK, thanks Rob. Problem solved ( that really means that I have had some more education - ha ha ha )
  11. Thanks again Rob. S&D has just updated, and it's listed in OA now. I feel more comfortable now that it's there You posted "If a program is not trusted in OA, and it tries to modify the hosts file," Does that mean that OA has it's own Hosts (but not shown in the list) and there is no need for S&D?
  12. Yes Rob, I know that about S&D. It's the bit about Host File in OAP that I'm looking for info about.
  13. "Hide trusted" is unticked, as it always was. When/how will the update happen? Can I do something to "help it along"? There have been no updates for S&D since my re-installation. Would that have anything to do with it?
  14. Before I did a re-instal of OAP a few days ago, SpyBot S&D was listed under Hosts File. It's not there anymore, and no option to add anything as all the buttons are greyed out. Is it necessary for SpyBot S&D to be listed there, or is OAP looking after it all for me? The Help page mentions the Host File but doesn't give any info about what/where it is.
  15. Sorry for the delay after my brief visit yesterday. Which do I download, the "buy it now" or the '''30 day free trial", and where will I put my licence key after downloading.
  16. Thanks Stapp. It's just that Ithought I remembered there was a "re-instal" button somewhere.
  17. ...but I can't find it - the correct way to re install OAP I know I hav to use the OA uninstall then reboot twice, it's how to get the program reinstalled that has me lost. TIA
  18. Pardon my technical ignorance So are Run Safer and Banking mode now obsolete functions?
  19. Ok, thanks Kevin. It seems like we are done now, so once again many thanks for all your invaluable help and patience with me. Above and beyond the call of duty I reckon
  20. Does Behaviour Shield do anything that OAP doesn't do, if I disable it as I don't understand the posts at this thread in the Avast forum. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=96711.0
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