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  1. In thread http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/9488-banking-mode-and-trial-versions/ there is reference to various Banking Mode related fixes. Those fixes still don't prevent my access to the web based emails mentioned above, and was told earlier (in this thread) that it was up for fixing later. How much later??? In reply #15 - "We'll address this issue in the next release". There have been several releases since that reply!
  2. A OAP window opened with the legend "OA update" with a red circle and a white x in it. So I have tried to do a manual update of Product and also Signatures etc. Various error messages have been:- 1. Access violation at (the window closed too quickly for me to see where) 2. Socket error 10054. Connection reset by peer. 3. OA cannot process online updates. Please check internet connection settings or contact support History shows that the update failed. I have probably missed some important info that you need, so - all, and/or any help would be appreciated by this techie dumbo
  3. Hi catprincess, I can understand that I may have missed the OA notification, but not receiving the email is a bit of a worry. There was a need to change my email address during the year, but my profile does show the correct one I'll just have to put a reminder somewhere for next year, but hope that the necessary email happens next Aug My thanks to you and "three fingered saluter" ctrlaltdelete for your help.
  4. who's clever boy then. Thank you for that info - it worked a treat and now I'm where I want to be. Still a question for me - is there a "shortly to expire" notification, or is it up to us to keep an eye on things?
  5. Well bugger me! My license expired on 30th July, and I would have put money on it expiring in Aug. Bought a new one. Phew! I do have a problem that there was no notification of imminent expiry though. Should there have been one, and how? Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction to find out what went wrong. It was fairly quick and not too hard for an "oldie" like me How long does it take for OA Premium to be re-instated from the free version? I have run the Product and Signatures udates. Reminder to self - get your filing system up to date.
  6. No date changes made, it's still correct. Will sign up for a Customer Centre account and hope for some useful info. As useful as yours always is.
  7. Hi catprinicess, my license shouldn't expire for another couple of weeks I believe - some time in August. As you can see from the posting date, the crash happened in July. If it has already expired, then I didn't get any notification of that. How can I find the expiration date please?
  8. More info I wondered if some malware had been installed, so I opened the GUI again to run the Safety Wizard and noticed that I now have the free version instaled? instead of OA Premium. The licence key is still available in the Satus window
  9. After activating BM to visit my bank web site, I canceled BM but the window wouldn't close as it normally does when changing one of the settings in the GUI (is that what the little window is called?) I had to click in another part of the browser window to get it to close. A little later the error message that oasr.exi has encountered an error and needs to close. So I closed down OAP and the browser to restart OA. As a matter of interest I opened the GUI again to see if BM was available again - it was still greyed out. After doing a restart of my computer, BM is still greyed out. As a not very techical bod - - - H E E E L P please
  10. It seems the issue posted on 10th March 2012 in http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/7564-more-about-banking-mode/ hasn't been fixed yet either, so don't hold your breath Kathy J.
  11. I realise that there can be multiple domains in the banking mode. As I said, I was under the impression that activating BM protected that particular domain's activities so that security details could not be stolen because the only activity possible was the person's interaction with that one site.
  12. It would seem so. My understanding of Banking Mode was, that in order to protect activities involving the person's bank site, was that the bank site was the only one able to have an internet connection until BM was turned off. Hence my original post.
  13. Isn't 3 months enough time to fix this issue? Or is it not regarded as a bug? And where do we find the changelist please. "(as stated in the changelist)."
  14. Bump. I see that v5.5.0.1616 has been downloaded and installed today (Aus time). Despite Andrewf's last post about "addressing the issue", I am still able to access Hotmail, gmail and yahoo emails sites while still in Banking Mode. Any thoughts?
  15. Bump. I was asked, on 15th March, to submit logs for this issue. This I did on the 17th March. Dates are Aus time. To date I have not had any feedback of my email. Just wondering if the very busy people at Support have had an opportunity to look at the log.
  16. Thanks for the quick response. Already done the above before posting. Still no different. and getting the same error message.
  17. I have tried downloading Flash 11 from the Adobe site, and all seems well until I click the "Finsh" button. This error message pops up :- "Windows cannot find 'http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/completion/aih/?exitcode=O'. I'm not sure if that last character is a letter O on a zero. I have tried downloading with OAP turned on as well as off, and still get the same message. Any ideas for this technically challenged old bloke?
  18. At one time there was a option to make all cookies into "session only". I can't see that option anywhere now (v Has that been removed, or is it set by default in the programing?
  19. My limited understanding is that OA blocks all traffic during system boot. See under Options
  20. Wow, that was a quick reply, and thanks for the info. I'll post that info in a while. (She who must be obeyed has a little job for me LOL)
  21. Thanks Andrew. Just to be sure my non-tech mind has it right - Is the "Additional debug info" checkbox the same as "Enable debug mode" in the General tab, as I can't see a checkbox with the words you describe. And where is the "Logs" folder to be found?
  22. It was left justify already, so I right justified, then left and now this post is ok. Was my suposition "Have I got this right? From the replies, it seems like "Keep me logged in" is the culprit? " correct?
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