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  1. And add me to the "it doesn't show up at all" group. I normally go to Windows updates with OA turned off, so as a result of this thread tried it with OA active. I can get there without the "administrator" message. At the moment (1.05pm 29/04 in Oz) I am still on XP SP3; IE8; OA Premium; Avast Free v6.0.1091; Spybot S&D
  2. You are lucky to have v5, I'm still waiting to be updated from
  3. I'm still waiting to be automatically updated, (or do Emsisoft have something against me? )
  4. Here's hoping the distribution works better than the roll out of .431. I assumed that I would have been updated automatically (OA Premium), and found out by accident months later that I hadn't, so had to do it manually.
  5. So for a non-techie, what does that mean in terms of security?
  6. Ah, so that's it. Avast has been excluded and that explains it all, and good to know that things were still protected. As usual, you have come up with the goods catprincess. Thank you.
  7. I accidentally forgot to de-activate Banking Mode and was still able to access other web sites. I don't know how long this has been going on as I don't ususally forget. All bank items in the web site list are set to "protected". Do I need to unprotect them to start learning mode again, in case the bank have done something to neutralise B M XP SP3 OA Premium; Avast free; Spybot S&D I often forget to give some important info about my set up, so please ask and forgive me
  8. Video and photo editing programs need to log keystokes so that you can use the "undo" function, and other editing features
  9. For example - both my video and photo editing programs record key strokes so that you can go back or forward withing them. Without that facility you'd be stuck at that point in the editing.
  10. Thanks mate. Folder properties showed old version. Download fixed it.
  11. Ok. Checked for updates, "Automatic updates" window opened, then, a few seconds later, a message to say OA is up to date. Oddly, it is still the same version number. Still, as long as it is up to date is all that matters - unless there's a hitch down the line.
  12. Update is set to "every hour", and the computer is on most of the day. I'll do a "check for updates",see what happens and give feed back.
  13. I see from thread http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3363-using-oa-v40044-free-questions/ that the latest version of OA is My Premium shows version Now I know that updates are rolled out over a period of time, but from Oct '10 to now seems to be rather a long time for mine to be updated. Or is it just that display of the version number doesn't change? I'll wait for a reply before trying a manual update.
  14. I used to have updates set to daily, with erratic results. Since setting it to 2hours there have been no probs. Hope that helps
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