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  1. Sorry about that. I must have deleted the minidump when I ran ccleaner or the last crash didn't have one. Here is the 371MB compressed memory dump if it is useful. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zglwjyjsk5v337i/MEMORY.7z?dl=0 No other BSOD's to report but I haven't played the game since EIS updated to today.
  2. Thanks. I haven't tried the beta because I just saw your post. I just got another BSOD doing the same thing. I press esc to exit the game to its menu screen and then alt-tab because it freezes and then I get the BSOD. It doesn't happen all the time though and didn't happen before the release of EIS 11. Let me know if you want the new dumps and if you still want me to try the beta even though the bsod is not repeatable every time I exit the game.
  3. I used 7z on ultra for the dump file. It went from 2GB to 80MB. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zglwjyjsk5v337i/MEMORY.7z?dl=0 If you want me to configure anything differently in case of another bsod let me know.
  4. Here is the mini dump. I can't do the other until later if you need it. 111815-6000-01.dmp
  5. The dumps are set to auto and it is 2GB. It would take a while plus I have a bandwidth cap. I also can't do at this moment because the guys remodeling downstairs just started and I power off the computer once they start pounding. If you really need it I'll see what I can do but I can't start uploading for another 20 hours. Is the file size ok for uploading to a free dropbox account? I only used once for an OA related dump. Edit: Also, did you want the mini dump?
  6. I was playing a game on Steam and I got a BSOD when I exited the game. No other programs were open at the time and the computer has been stable since a clean install of Window 8.1 this year. The game has been working fine for the most part but no BSOD's. I also did a clean install of Emsisoft IS on the 13th. Here is what WhoCrashed said. System Information (local) Computer name: WOPRII Windows version: Windows 8.1 , 6.3, build: 9600 Windows dir: C:\Windows Hardware: ASRock, Z87 Extreme6 CPU: GenuineIntel Intel® Core i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz Intel586, level: 6 4 logical process
  7. Nevermind. I guess all I needed to do is a quick scan to make everything green. Perhaps scanning shouldn't be tied to the protection status or have an automatic scan or a pop-up suggesting a scan. It would have been less confusing. Off topic: Please please please bring back Online Armor or let us activate OA. I'm going nuts without my system tray firewall status and allow once and block once firewall rules. If it wasn't for Online Armor and the firewall status I wouldn't have found out that Windows 8.1 "telemetry" was sending my data to Singapore. With Emsisoft Internet Security I'm comple
  8. Had problems with version after the update so I uninstalled and rebooted twice. I then did a clean install and rebooted and I see I have partial protection in the GUI. If I right click the system tray icon the 4 items say disable so they are ok. Everything also looks ok in Windows Action Center but updates which I disable and Network Access Protection is off for some reason.
  9. I'm seeing freezing whenever I have updated or installed a program. It seems everytime I get an OA pop-up and open OA's UI without answering the pop-up both the app and OA freeze. Yesterday I installed Battlefield 1942 and OA threw up a red message so I wanted to upload the file for scanning so I didn't answer the pop-up. The game install froze so I opened OA to check the history and it froze. I tried closing OA via the taskbar icon. It said it wasn't responding blah blah blah so I said to close it anyways. This left the game frozen. My only option was to reboot. This time I allowed the po
  10. Thanks GT500. I uninstalled OA last night, did two reboots and used the computer normally afterwards. Today I got another BSOD when starting my browser sandboxed like the majority of my BSODs. Unless there are bits of OA leftover after uninstalling I think I have eliminated OA as the cause.
  11. This newest crash seems to point to oanet.sys according to the whocrashed log below. If you want the full dump file let me know. I'll keep it on my hdd for a little while longer. I'm also not sure what triggered the crash. All I know is I started my computer, the screen was black and it was using the sdd before I got to my motherboard logo. I guess it was writing the dump file from the last session. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to WhoCrashed (HOME EDITION) v 4.02 This program checks for dr
  12. Thanks GT500. I'll pass the information on to Tzuk. Was it by chance a conflict between OA and Sbie? I've seen plenty of conflicts between the two in the past but never a BSOD.
  13. Thanks GT500. I uploaded the file to DropBox. I will send the details via PM.
  14. Ok, I just got another BSOD and this one was a full dump. It was 7.93GB and I have a ultra compressed 7z file ready to send. Its file size is 370MB. I just need somewhere to upload the file. What happened. I booted into windows and then got the bar across the screen telling me Windows had updates and I clicked cancel. I then went to my desktop and then double-clicked the palemoon icon (which if a forced sandbox program) and got the BSOD right after clicking the icon.
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