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  1. Further I don't think EEK found it. I believe what came up in my relative's scan was something else.


    What I did was root it out in C:\Users\dombo\AppData\Local\DesktopTemperature, deleting EXEs as i killed the processes. The DLL in that folder seems to ride on a lot of different processes and could not be deleted without a reboot (of course i lost my teamviewer connection)


    I killed any references to it in startup items, now my relative's pc is in the state mentioned in the first post

  2. One of my relatives got this "Desktop Temperature Monitor" which seems to block Firefox, and in Internet Explorer constantly redirect to ads.


    I was able to remove it during a teamviewer session by running EEK, but now any browsers or new teamviewer sessions cannot connect to the internet.


    I did check the connections tab in IE and it hasn't got a proxy defined.


    Their Intel Proset Wireless icon indicates LAN connection and Internet connection.


    I suspect the system is still set to their proxy (or similar) and I need some ammo before I pick up the laptop on Tuesday.


    Anyone have any experience with this one?


    Thank you in advance.