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  1. Hi Fabian; I sent you a PM with the logs. Thanks; Arto
  2. Both browsers' executable (plus a dll that seems to be part of IE) are all set as trusted. I have the browsers set in 'Run Safer' mode, but even disabling that doesn't help. Thanks;
  3. So, I disabled the web shield. There was a small improvement. I then tried disabling the firewall (with the web shield re-enabled). That too showed a small improvement. I then disabled both, and performance was great, but I was unprotected. Finally, I tried disabling Avast's shields. That made no difference. Thanks;
  4. I think you might have misunderstood what I mean by right after boot up. The oasrv process is fine after a reboot. It only starts going nuts when I am browing the internet. The more varied content on the page, the longer the process is using a lot of cpu. CPU usage stays high for about 15 seconds after the page is fully loaded.
  5. Whenever I am browsing the net, oasrv is hovering at around 50% CPU usage. It stays around there until the entire page is loaded, plus about another 15 seconds. I know it hasn't always been this way. There are no other real apps running. Just various drivers, etc. My setup: - Windows XP SP3 - OA v - Avast v 7xxx - IE 8 - Firefox 33.x In Avast, the OA folder/programs are excluded everywhere there is an exclusion option. In OA, I have excluded the avast folder. Until last week, I was running OA v 6.x. When I noticed the problem, I figured it was time to upgrade, h
  6. Sorry for the late reply... I have a thing about trusting software just because it is digitally signed. As for learning mode, I don't see how that would help. It might let the most recent one run, but there will probably be another one a few days later. Really need for OA to have some way for me to it to allow Avast to run random executables even though Avast's folder is excluded from OA.
  7. Nick; The sample file created/used is: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\2ccb1ec9-0c47-4931-ae7d-819660ce0dcd.exe. The AvastEmUpdate.exe program is the one trying to run it. It only started about a week ago.
  8. Hi; I have OA running in harmony with Avast. Both are excluded from each other. However, I have recently noticed that avast sometimes uses (or maybe generates) executables that are downloaded into a folder other than the excluded Avast folder. This causes OA to issue a pop-up asking for permission to run. Even if I check off the trust program option in the pop-up, it happens again the next time. I also tried to manually add the specific Avast program to OA's program list (in order to set it to trusted), bu OA rejected that, indicating that the program was in a trusted folder. What
  9. Finally solved the mystery... Turns out that I had my HIPS features disabled (which includes program guard). Ouch! Can't imagine why/when I did that. Once I enabled the program guard, the run safer/run normal are working fine now. I do, however find it a bit strange that with Program Guard turned off, OA will still launch programs in safe mode if they are configured that way, but will not allow the manual bypass using run Normal. I'll leave that to the dev team... One last question... Do I need to remove the temporary license, or will OA revert to the free version after the te
  10. Arthur; Temporary key received and used to export, then re-import. In between, I uninstalled, rebooted 2x, and re-installed. Unfortunately, after I applied my old settings, the run Normal/Safer no longer worked. It did seem to be working until I restored my settings(and rebooted). There must be something in my settings that is causing this... Any other possibilities to explore? Any chance you guys might find something interresting in my exported settings file? Thanks;
  11. Arthur; I have created the account. The name on the account is Arto Basmadjian. I would prefer not to enter the email address here, but it's the same as the one tied to this forum account. Thanks. Arto
  12. If I change the setting for IE to no longer run safer, it works just fine. That is it launches normally. In that situation, if I try to manually run safer, then THAT doesn't work. I only occasionally need to run normal. Most of the time I want it to run safer.
  13. Finally got around to trying this. Sure enough, enabling the intercept loopback interfaces in OA work perfectly. Any reason it is not enabled by default? Will it cause a slowdown on all network traffic? Thanks again.
  14. Nick; I removed the Avast entries from the autoruns, and rebooted. The services started up fine (as they should have). As for the firewal rules in OA being bypassed, it is still happenning, unless I tell Avast web shield to exclude the program that I want OA firewall to block. I found a few threads that seem to indicate that OA is not affected by this problem, but since I am experiencing it, the problem is there. I did see mention of setting the Avast web shield to 'scan traffic from well known browser processes only'. That works, but I don't know what protection I am loseing be se
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