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  1. Catprincess, I've got the same reply few months ago. I've decided to follow your advice and upgrade to the latest version but the same issues are still there. You can have a look at this recording I've made ... and this is one of many programs which give me/us lot of pain.
  2. If you read the forums everyone has got the same issues with "allow/trust" so it's not just me. Why should I bother updating when I've found someone with the new version and the same problems? Anyway, I am not here to just complain. Before Emisoft got the product I used to be a bug-tester. I used to love Online Armor: it was light and stable those days. My complaint, in reply to the tread started by Jose_Lisbon is to let the developers know there's a problem which should be fixed. Apparently it's not just me, as I said, cause loads of people are complaining for the same issue with different versions. As for me, I've experience the same behaviour since version 4.0.
  3. It happens to me with VLC and some others. No matter how many times you tick the check boxes. It will happen again, eventually Marcello. Online Armor doesn't have a very strong memory. Tend to forget things.
  4. Come on, it's been like that since version 4.x. Last time I've installed a new version I've got BSoD every 2 days. I am scared.
  5. Andrey, obviously I've ticked "Remember my decision" and "Trust". Do you want an example? Easy. I've authorized VLC yesterday, and the day before, and the day before. Basically I have to "trust" some programs once a day. Some programs even more than that. You can find an example in the attachment. That's what happened few minutes ago. Yesterday, suddenly, this program "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\mscorsvw.exe" wanted to start. It took me 10 minutes and at least 20 ticks before online armor realized it could run it. My system is Windows XP sp3 (english) (32bit) I only use Nod32 (english) (ver. engine) I don't use any anti-spyware or other resident anti-malaware software. I use Online Armor Free I will be ready to pay the advanced version when all these troubles will be fixed. regards Alberto
  6. I agree with Alycat. I want a firewall which warns me there's a potential threat but once I've authorized it (unless I've updated it) I would like it to be quite. I've got some programs which I have to allow/trust every time I execute them.
  7. Right now I was working with TortoiseGit and I was asked at least 10 time to confirm the executable. Every single time you check the boxes and every single time it asks again. Maybe you do not consider people working with his/her computer. I don't have time to do these things all the time cause ... I am working. I can understand security but this is a little bit too much.
  8. I have to agree with Jose and his frustrations. Only god knows how many times I tell Online Armor (4.5) that a program is trusted/safe/allowed. Now - it seems - it's worst enemy is Git Extensions. It asks me to allow the program at least 3 times a day. Sometimes I spend more time trying to configure the firewall than actually working :-s I used to love Online Armour (the Mike version) but recently I've had loads of problems. These last versions are quite heavy and I've experience high CPU usage (oasrv.exe) a lot. Someone might argue that I have to use the support forum to inform about my problems. I've done that: logs, images and everything. Nobody even considered to send me a reply or a receipt (Mike would have replied to thank me :-) ). I am even scared to update to version 5 cause, at least, my PC is quite stable now. I am disappointed about the new Online Armour and I am seriously considering to move to another personal firewall ... but I don't know which one. Regards Alberto
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