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  1. Nick and Catprincess, thanks for the explanation of something, which never ocurred to me that should work like you described. As such, it is a pretty big hole in the OA protection and should be either warned against in capitals or corrected immediately. Banking mode was such a great concept at the beginning, unfortunately TE never completed it into a great tool. And I doubt Emsisoft ever will.
  2. Thank you too, Barthez. I have read it and it is ok for me, now.
  3. Thanks Sded for your fast response and help. I did as you said and hope to se the result in the log soon (setting log option on for both cases).
  4. In firewall log, there is record on blocked access of Avastsvc.exe on port 1025. I do not know what is Avast doing on this port, but since it is trusted and important program, I would like to allow it to access whatever it wants. Should I exclude 1025 from restricted ports list? Is there another way of allowing only the avastsvc.exe to access this port without exluding it from the list? Does anyone know, what is avast doing on this port? Or whether blocked access to it can endanger its operation? Many thanks in advance for any hints. (And Happy New Year to all of you, folks)