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  1. That did work!!! Why would advanced mode block the sync??
  2. Yes you presume right! But when I try to sync up the time I get an error. when I shutdown online armor it works.... When I open the port to all in OA it works....
  3. Does anyone know how to setup a rule in Online Armor so time synchronization works? I know port 123 is a restricted port by default and when I set a rule to allow this port, it opens the port to all. I would like to be more specific but need to know the program name that acually executes...
  4. Is the Emsisoft Anti-Malware licensed version the same as the Emergency Kit ? Meaning, is the Emergency Kit engine and database the same as Emsisoft Anti-Malware engine and database? And if I have the licensed version of EAM do I need or should I use the E.K, or is it redundant?