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  1. Are there any other troubleshooting options for this problem? I have tried the complete uninstall and re-install with no luck. I have run the windows sfc (system file checker) showing that there were no problems with the system files. I have uninstalled, restarted many times without OA, reinstalled OA 5, 4.5 and 3.5 but all versions are causing the same problem that happened only AFTER I updated the main OA app (from 4.x to 5). I have seen other people on these forums with the same problem updating from 4 to 4.5 or 4.5 to 5. This is not an isolated problem. The problem in detail: OS: Windows 7 32-bit System: IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60p, Intel 2+ GHz, 3GB RAM Problem beginning: OA++ (paid) works fine since the first install after purchasing. I personally have been using it for almost 1 year (of my 2 year purchased license) with no problems before I updated it. After the update to a new version (in my case 4.x to 5), all programs that try to start AFTER the main OA service starts give the message: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application." This prevents a successful login and renders the computer useless. If I set the main OA service to start manually instead of automatic, then OA does not start and I can login and use my computer. All programs will load fine, however the protection of OA++ is not present. After I manually start the main OA service (the instant it is fully started and running), all programs that I try to run or that the system tries to run (like the screen saver) fail with the message above. The only way I can use my computer with OA now (after the update) is: 1) prevent OA from starting the service and starting up with the computer 2) load all the applications that I'd like to use into memory (like email, a web browser, MS word, etc...) 3) start the OA service After that, all _currently_ running programs are OK and will function (as long as they don't call for new windows or additional plugins). However, trying to run any new programs fail with the error above. Additionally, if I accidentally close one of the open programs (like Internet Explorer), I cannot load it again as it gives me the error message above. It seems like the update and/or uninstalls may be leaving some registry or other stuff behind and now, just by running the main OA service from the computer manager, ALL programs fail with the error above. That is, I do not need to even load Online Armor, all I have to do is start the service and all programs fail to load. At this point, I couldn't uninstall OA and buy a new one to make it work even if I wanted. I still have 400+ days left on my paid subscription and would like some other troubleshooting options. I also have OA on another Windows 7 machine (I didn't update that one, though, thank god) and it's working fine. However that subscription is going to run out soon and I can't help but let it run out if the support for OA trouble is like this. I look forward to hearing some other, realistic, troubleshooting options. Thanks, Flynn
  2. I also just tried running sfc /scannow. There were no problems with the files and no change to my issues with OA v5, even with another re-install. I have found an OA v4.5 installer on an archive site. I have not installed it yet, because I want to verify that the file has not been tampered with. It is 19,956,408 bytes, digitally signed by Emsi Software GmbH, validated by Verisign, and has an MD5 checksum of AC3701C0564575A2163FE0CF3DA710D3. Can anyone at Emisoft confirm this as an untouched installer based on the data above? Or is there an approved place that I can download the 4.5 installer from? Thanks, Flynn
  3. As you suggested, I uninstalled OA++ v5, rebooted twice, made sure all drivers were removed and then downloaded the current OA++ v5 from the website. I installed OA++ v5, validated my license, and did a clean install (not restoring any old settings). Unfortunately, the same error occurs and every program fails with the message below after the OA++ v5 service starts up: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application" My original problem remains. The only way to run anything is to disable the main OA service and restart (without any protection from OA). So, it appears that OA++ v5 will not work for me. Where can I download older versions of OA? I was using 4.x(? I think 4.5) before with no problems. If there is no place to download older versions, how about just the last version before v5? I have an install file for OA 3.5, but I don't think that's an acceptable solution. I had such trust in OA that I purchased a 2 year subscription at the time. I have over 1 year left on that. Please provide me with a solution or, at the very least, a download link or area so I can restore my system to the previous working version of OA++. Thanks for your help, Flynn
  4. I am experiencing the same problems as PeZzy. I was running OA++ v4.x before with 0 problems and decided to do a manual update yesterday. I now have OA++ and am having problems. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (no SP1) Other Security Software: None (defualt Windows Defender & Firewall, both off) OA++ Components Running: All (Firewall, Web Shield, Program Guard, Anti-Keylogger, Antivirus) After the update from v4.x to v5.0.0.1100, all programs trusted, untrusted or Win 7 system programs would not run and would give me the error message: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application" This applies to all programs that try to start AFTER OA++ v5 starts. I cannot run the task manager, computer manager, IE 8, FireFox, or any other program (or dll). The only way I can successfully log into my computer is to make sure OA is completely off and the Online Armor service is stopped. I had to boot into Safe Mode in order to disable the OA services before I could log in normally. With the OA services disabled, everything runs fine. I can load instances of the task manager, IE, and other programs. However, as soon as I start the OA services and run OA++ v5, no further programs will run and I receive the error above. The programs that are already running continue to function after I start OA++ v5, but no new programs can be started. I have tried disabling each separate OA component including deactivating HIPS with no luck. In fact, even if I choose "Close and Shutdown Online Armor" from the OA menu in the system tray, I cannot run programs and I see the error message above. Because I use only Online Armor as my computer's security system, my computer is kind of crippled right now. I have enjoyed years of protection from OA. I need to know a solution to this problem. I would prefer not to re-install an older version and re-teach that version everything I have tought it over the years, but if that is the only solution, I would like to know. PeZzy, I see your last response was April 17. Since then, has anything been resolved for you? What did you do to correct or workaround the problem? Thanks and Best Regards, Flynn
  5. Hardware/Software: Intel Core i3 540 4GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit OA++ (paid) v4.5.1.431 I love this software for all the information it provides as to what is going on in your system and allowing you to control it. However, I have found a few times when something happens because of OA and it is not reported or otherwise known unless you turn things off. In this specific category, I am referring to programs (from large, well known vendors) that will fail to install unless the OA Program Guard is turned off. Now, I don't mind turning off the Program Guard for program installers that I completely trust, but the thing that bothers me is that there are no apparent errors or other issues in the History section that would tell me why a certain program did not correctly install. I have had this happen on multiple systems with multiple programs. My most recent program was Civilization 5; here is what I encountered: - Downloaded Civilization 5 - Attempted installation - Installation failed with no OA popups citing problems or asking me for permission - Went into OA History to find that all programs ran in trusted mode (even though the installation failed) - Did not find anything blocked by the Firewall, Program Guard, etc... in the OA History - Disabled OA Program Guard - Re-Installed Civilization 5 successfully Now, I'm happy that I could install my program OK, but I'm not happy that I had to disable the entire Program Guard to do it. My questions are: Why can I not see what is causing the install failures in the OA History and how can I avoid disabling the Program Guard to install some programs when there seems to be nothing wrong? There were no "automatic decisions" other than trusted ones, nothing was blocked and yet the install failed with the Program Guard enabled. This has happend with a few other programs including the Adobe Creative Suite programs. I'd really like to monitor all program installations and I don't like disabling the Program Guard (or anything of OA++ for that matter). I also know that it is not a Windows 7 64-bit issue because I have had problems on another machine: IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60p Laptop 3GB RAM Windows 7 32-bit OA++ (paid) Any insight into why the programs are not installing correctly or why the OA History is not reporting errors would be appreciated. Thanks!
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