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  1. Can this be installed over the free firewall, or is it just the Premium firewall?
  2. Adding the game's folder to exclusions fixed it. It also stopped an issue where the game would freeze for 20 seconds or so after logging in, and then work fine. I though it was just a glitch, but apparently it was OA.
  3. Hello. Starting a few days ago, OA will pop up 2 alerts for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Even though I hit allow and trust, it comes up every time. I don't know why, since OA hasn't had an update, nor has Bad Company 2.
  4. 1. Make it more compatible with Avast! I had serious problems with it and the newest Avast! Free until I added each to the others' exclusions/ 2. Cut down the number of HIPS alerts and make them simpler, mainly so I can recommend it to family and friends who aren't as good with computers. 3. Cut down the HIPS alerts for legitimate programs. It shouldn't be freaking out about things like ATI drivers and Quicktime. 4. Allow blacklists of bad sites to be imported into the Web Sites section so it can block them automatically, so I don't need to update my HOSTS file.
  5. Windows 7 Professional x64. My firewall version is whatever the latest is. I will try putting the Steam folder in the exclusions. Edit: Well I'll be damned; I added the Steam folder to the exclusions and now it runs fine. A week of trying to fix it and it was that simple. Thank you!
  6. I tried to play Portal a few days ago, but got a "hl2.exe has stopped working" error. It happens for every Source based game. I've been trying to figure out what's wrong, and I've even contacted Steam's support. So far nothing has worked. I use Avast! 5 free, Online Armor Firewall Free, and Threatfire, so I've been turning some on and off to see if they are conflicting with Steam. I've narrowed it down to Online Armor Free Firewall, since the games run with Avast! and Threatfire enabled. I was wondering how I can modify OA to allow Steam to work without completely shutting it off. Thank you!