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  1. Just updated to Windows 10. I am using Windows Explorer 11.0. Will "Windows Smart Screen" interfere with Emsisoft? Should I leave it off or can I turn it on. Or was there some other feature I am supposed to be turning off for Windows Explorer. LOL, help me out here.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have great faith in Emsisoft. This is a hard bump but still, just a bump in the road. When it runs ( I am smiling when I say that), I have full confidence in it. And, when something untoward happens, the support framework and staff are unbeatable.
  3. Are there any indicators on when Internet Security will be up and running for Windows 10?
  4. Obviously, IS is just not working with Windows 10. I tried the fix to install the anti-malware and ended up with "your pc is only partially protected" which didn't generate a warm fuzzy feeling. I too shifted to AVG for the duration, which I hope will not be too far in the distant future.
  5. Thank you both for the gaming mode help! I knew it had to be there somewhere! Please excuse my ignorance, but what is MBAM? And how would one scan for rootkits off in it? I appreciate your reply, but I am just unfamiliar with the acronym MBAM.
  6. Good day. I am using Emsisoft Internet Security I have two general questions concerning it. Q-1 Gaming. Is there no longer a gaming mode? I searched for it, to ensure it was on or active. I couldn't find it. Custom Scan--Use direct disk access option. The information window explains...A more effective but slower alternative method of reading files from the hard disk for scanning. It should be used only for finding Rootkits, not for scanning the entire hard disk. Q-2 If it should only be used for finding Rootkits, wouldn't we want to "scan" for rootkits every time?
  7. I am using Emsisoft Internet Security, full version and updated. My operating system is Windows 8.1 64bit. On 1/28/2015 I discovered [ Trojan,Generic, 126004 risk level high] in a program file for my razor Naga mouse. I immediately quarantined the Trojan, and submitted it using the software prompts. I guess that was probably wrong. I should have come here immediately. Anyway, I found my way to this site, and used the Emsisoft Emergency Kit, and the FRST programs. The both seemed to work for what ever reason. All files will be attached below. My questions are: Now that I have this T
  8. Thank you very much, GT Thant solved my problem.
  9. Good day I am having problems getting my Emsisoft Anti-Malware set up right. In the Scan PC tab I have "Deep Scan" selected. Under the Configuration Tab, in the "scan settings box" it says, if no scan settings file is specified, a deep scan will be performed. But, when my scheduled scans run, only Drive "C" is being scanned. My second hard drive, Drive "D" is not. The only way I can do a deep scan, is by manually running a deep scan, which pretty much makes the scheduling of a scan useless. Can someone help me out with this? Running Online Armor Emsisoft Anti-Malware Wind
  10. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I run Online Armor in conjunction with Emsisoft Anti-Malware When I bring up the "security status" page of the Anti-malware is says my last scan was 22 days ago. This is not the case and not correct. I have run several scheduled and unscheduled "deep" scans in the past few days. Yesterday, it said my last scan was 21 days ago. I ran a deep scan, and it looked as if it updated, with "0" minutes since last scan. But, this morning it says, last scan 22 days ago. Any ideas how I can correct this?
  11. Let's continue via emails since we have already started with them. Thanks, dwstanch
  12. Twice now in the past few days I have received the blue screen of death just before the end of a normal shutdown. When I start up my pc, windows says it experienced an unexpected shut-down. Then, windows warns me to install an anti-virus program because mine is not running, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware is not running. And I can not get it to restart. I have to re install it, download all the updates, run a scan. Then since it does not count the initial scan, you have to run another one. Can any one shed some light on this? Dwstanch
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