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  1. I totally agree qwerty! Especially after so long without a peep... and the double entry "block" and "ask". Happened while using Iron (a form of Chromium). Using older version I deleted the "block" and left "ask" to see what will happen. Seems like a bug - nothing to lose any sleep over
  2. Whoa! There seems to be a bit of strangeness with First, there are files for that version available for download from a number of major download sites. Majorgeeks and Softpedia. However, their digital signatures and file sizes are different. DSig on one is Wednesday, May 30, 2012 7:44:28 AM but the other one is almost a month later: Thursday, June 28, 2012 3:08:30 AM. Can anyone explain whats up with that? It is irregular to sign at different time\date with same version no. Also is that why this file is not yet on their own site for download? Thanks for any information
  3. pds324, i feel your pain regarding SP3. We still don't go there and don't plan to anytime soon. In spite of this [thread] being somewhat dated, perhaps it may still be helpful to others who don't completely trust the SP3 code bloat. I wanted to let you know that we've tested version with XP SP2 and again, the ONLY thing we can find that seems awry is when OA is closed, WFW is not re-enabled. We just setup simple scripts to handle this and stick 'em on the desktop & start menu for easy access. Again, we haven't found one other snafu that we can document is a problem. Of course
  4. As an aside I can tell you that Win2k3 server handles things differently than XP. For instance, i am unable to run Opera in anything but normal. In XP, Opera can be "run safer" but in Win2k3 problems arise which are obviously due to the changes [mainly permissions?] made by running it safer.
  5. I can also confirm what OP says. For that matter, CP is right on target. Unfortunately it now has the distinction of providing the only BSOD that this (2k3) system has ever experienced Since 4.5x ran so well and we wanted to upgrade to paid version on this server, well... how do you know unless you try? This means i can't buy a version that will work for this little server. sigh....
  6. Mahalo [er, Thanks] catprincess! I apologize for not remembering the version #s. Could you please let me know which version # I should be looking for? Is it v. or later (}? In other words, in which version would this be fixed? Thanks Again!
  7. Using free version w/ XP Pro SP3. OA has repeated problems with a couple (2) programs: TrueSync Desktop v.2.1 and Remote Administrator 2.2. Installed OA via "Trust everything" but added these two programs after the initial install later. I know others have dealt with this problem over many past releases. These two programs are INTERMITTENTLY getting blocked and/or asking for permission to run. Problems are happening with two different computers, TSDesktop.exe (from TrueSync) on one computer, and r_server.exe (from RAdmin) on the other one. The really crazy part is OA initially reme
  8. Aloha Martin! I kinda figured it was an SP3 thing... but the installation IS working otherwise, as a few of us have checked it backwards and forwards and so far this is the only snafu we can find. Sorry, i just don't do SP3 at this time. With due respect to you and i do thank you for pointing out the obvious... anyone who fully trusts M$ code needs their head examined. And i know i'm not in the minority with that statement. Seriously, i multi boot Slackware and other 'flavors' of Linux but there are reasons why i also run XPProSP2, and believe me, i do tweak the dog out of it. Also, FYI,
  9. Thanks very much for the responses! Every one of my XP SP2 systems is exhibiting the very same behavior. I even set OA not to start on reboot, shut it down and the win FW was NOT enabled upon reboot. This is 2 [custom home built solid] desktops and 1 Thinkpad doing the exact same thing. One desktop and the TPad did have OA version 3.x installed before upgrading to But one desktop didn't have any FW [other than native windows] installed at all. It appears that something within SP3 puts it right. I'm not willing to put in sp3 - yet. Systems are seriously solid now and i don't trus
  10. I know there is a thread on this but it has to do with Win7 and i'm not sure which version of OA. So here's my question on the behavior of OA Free version We were testing version 3.x and saw there was a choice where you could enable/re-enable? win firewall when you close or shut down OA. In fact there was a box where you could check for this. I believe it was in Options. Now, we no longer see this box and in fact shutting down OA doesn't exhibit the same behavior as before. With version 3.x we saw immediately that the win FW was enabled after OA was shut down. We do not see thi
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