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  1. Hi, Welcome to mamutu. Mamutu is made to be compatible with all third-party AVs, so you don't have to exclude anything. But if you do find any conflicts between mamutu and MSE, you can always report it here, and Emsi Dev will look into it asap. Happy new year. Tyler
  2. Confirmed here. Same problem I had yesterday. Windows server 2008 r2 Already sent a ticket.
  3. Sad news. But I'm looking forward to Emsisoft's long term goal.
  4. Hi Andrey, I think this poblem kinda exists. I had OA free installed on my working laptop yesterday, when the installation progress was finished, it said "activating Online Armor", which took a little longer than ususal, and there was a dialog coming up. It was the registration dialog asking me to enter my computer name and key, but a key was already there. Kinda wierd. I thought this is what has changed in the new free version, so I did not capture a screenshot for that. Maybe later I'll try to do a reinstall and see if I can reproduce the problem.
  5. Just saw the known issues, In my case, this is not true. I have VMware Workstation and OA installed, and all the VMs I created are configured to use bridged networking, no problems at all. I just thought since this is not 100% nailed, you should change it to a "MAYBE" statement like a saying that those network devices may be unable to connect while OA is running. Thanks. My regards, Tyler
  6. Hi Fabian, Thanks for telling me how exploit works. I'm confident about the protection OA can provide. BTW, I like the forum update.
  7. To be honest, I don't know how the exploit works. I was expecting you to tell me something about the protection OA can provide from such a exploit. I don't know if it's something like a trojan. I mean when the file is executed, OA will response by popping up an alert saying something wants to run. But in this case, OA kept its mouth shut, so I wonder if the protection from exploits is OA's duty or not.
  8. I don't know if this is a real bug, so I'll pm you the file to confirm first.
  9. http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=fc0433686f654a6114b630a2604473c95379ebc3e097a41064764a437734a9a8-1312805972 I came across this old exploit today and was curious to see if OA can give me some alert.Unfortunately, nothing but silence. So I want to know if OA is designed to be capable of preventing exploits like this or not? I did this test in a virtual machine. OS: Windows XP SP3 x86. (windows updates not installed) OA: Latest public beta I will attach the file if requested. Best regards, Tyler
  10. Firewall logging disabled here, but still experiencing high cpu usage of OA when using P2P programs.
  11. I'm fine with the combo of EAM + OA, both from the same family. But for those who don't want classical HIPS but only a pure decent firewall from a seamlessly integrated security suit, then Emsisoft IS should be a great idea. Anyway EAM is strong enough to deal with most malware, known or unknown due to its fantastic engine currently or incoming and also its BB. Can't wait to see its glorious day Tyler
  12. Wow...I must say wow... The now scan mode, new license system, etc., all I see is a great improvement of EAM, and I like them very much. Well done Emsi Team. Tyler
  13. After a reboot of my system, everything becomes normal here. See the screenshot below.
  14. After a reboot of my system, everything return to normal here. But cannot figure out why. See the screenshot below.
  15. What operating system are you running. 'cause I kinda have this problem too with OA 5 installed in XP SP3. If I remember correctly, OA in my Win7 doen't have this problem.
  16. Confirm here. Seems the firewall status of OA 5 is not working fine in XP SP3.Here when I was downloading things, the real-time inbound speed was 404.00 kb/s, but the info. shown within OA was not the same...very strange. What makes it worse is that my download manager program was not even listed saying how much data had been downloaded by it.
  17. @catprincess My fault,thank you for your dismiss. Regards, Tyler
  18. Test again w/o your router Regards, Tyler
  19. Focus on the module's name please. I received this alert when I woke my monitor up. It said winsat.exe requested this change. I ticked "remember my decision" and allowed this change, so I can see more info. in the "autoruns" menu. I moved my cursor to the entry and the detail was shown as below: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce\WinSATRestorePower I guess it's something related to the PC's power and system rating. But this is not the point. The point is why the module's name was shown like that in OA's popup? Maybe something old with the unicode support? My OS is a Win7 x86 SP1 English edition but with Asian language support installed, also my default language input is Chinese (simplified) - US keyboard if you request such info. My regards, Tyler
  20. @Fabian Wosar Thank you for your dismiss. But how to fix my problem? As the process's id won't show up, EAM can not remember the application rule and I have to answer the question of the alert time and again. Regards, Tyler
  21. @Fabian Wosar Yes, it does. It got an anti-hack system. EAM could not gain such an access but OA could. A hips' protection is always working on a lower priority, right? Will EAM do the same thing in the future? Regards, Tyler
  22. @Lynx Yes, that's what I mean. I know it was some process of my game, which triggered this alert, but it was not shown correctly as it should be. So I think I should request some help/info here from the forum veteran/DEV TEAM. Nope, my OS is an original English edition. Anyway, thank you for your reply. My best regards, Tyler
  23. Hi guys, I'm currently running EAM, which seems to be very nice and resource light. But I had a problem with the Behavior Guard Alert today. When I was trying to play a game(Freestyle), it gave me an alert by saying "Program tries to download invisibly data from the internet", but I saw no file info./detail available with this alert. Even with the advanced setting, the directory of the file was not available. So I thought there must BE something wrong, hence the post here. You can see from the attached files below. My system is Win7 x86 SP1, with EAM & OA RC2 on access, MBAM on demand. Thank you all in advance. My best regards, Tyler
  24. @cutting_edgetech I think you can read some info from the official website: My linkhttp://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/antimalware/ In short, the free version is a scanner with double engines, which are the same with the scanning engines from Paid version. You can use the scanner to find malware and remove it, but nothing more. As to the paid version, you can also have 3 guards: file guard, behavior blocker and surf protection, and the auto update service is only available in the paid one. I think there are something more, but I can just come up with those for the time being. My regards, Tyler
  25. Hi Fabian, It's not only software installed inside SBie can not work properly due to OA blocking certain DLLs, but also those installed outside but forced to run inside SBie can not work properly with the same message says missing DLLs...Otherwise RC2 is working fine, even with DefenseWall 3.11beta. My regards, Tyler
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