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  1. Thanks for the reply. Unticked "Intercept loopback interface" but this did not make any difference.
  2. Deja vu... Back yet again with the same old problems: Web page loading taking ages, or simply timing out with a DNS failure message. OA sucking up most of my CPU usage, for no apparent reason. The problem appears to have started after the latest update (currently running Web Shield is off, and I am not doing any logging. I only have 17 days of my existing licence period left, and I won't be renewing this time, so I don't want to waste a lot of time on fixing OA yet again, but does anyone have any simple tips to try and improve the performance, please?
  3. OK, thanks. I'm prepared to try that as a last resort, because despite buying a new subscription to OA recently, I have got to the point where I am going to drop it and use a different firewall.
  4. Back again to ask for assistance with this problem, please. I never got a solution previously, and put up with the problem, but I am being forced to turn off OA again, because it is so bad it's like being back on dial up 10 years ago. Several people here are reporting the same problem. Do Emsisoft not have any solution or offical response to this, please?
  5. I've tried disabling all my start up processes, and this did not make any difference. The start up problem is inconvenient, but the slow web page loading and time outs are the issues that are really forcing me to disable OA.
  6. No, I don't use Opera. I am also running OA on another machine, and I don't see the same behaviour on this machine (the second machine is showing that the two year licence I purchased in June 2010 is due to expire in 55 days, but that's a different OA problem which I don't want to deal with here...). I have been in touch with support and have submitted a HijackThis log, as requested. No progress so far.
  7. Could I gently suggest that everyone experiencing this problem opens a separate forum topic to ask for support, please? It appears that a number of people have a similar problem, but we all have different set ups, and no-one has responded to my original request for support since I posted on 11th December. If everyone posts separately on this it will highlight the problem, and perhaps encourage Emsisoft to respond. Thanks
  8. I have set up exclusions as described. This makes no difference. As described by the other poster above, if I turn off OA, the problem is fixed instantly. My PC is also being crippled during start up and when waking from hibernation. Once I log in and the XP desktop loads, it takes 4 or 5 minutes before I can actually do anything. I have disabled all unnecessary startup services to find out what is causing this, and it appears to be OA again.
  9. On my desktop PC with wired LAN connection, web pages in IE and Firefox are taking up to a minute or more to load with OA running (page address resolves immediately, but the content does not appear for an extended period of time). If I turn OA off, the pages load immediately. I have tried turning off Web Shield, but this made no difference. I am using V I also run MS Security Essentials, but have disabled the OA AV to avoid conflicts. The problem disappears instantly if I disable OA and run MS firewall instead. I also run the same version of OA on a wireless Netbook on the same home network, with MSSE and Web Shield on, and this has no problems (pages load immediately). Can anyone advise what the cause of this problem might be, please? Thanks
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