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  1. I sent my log in a private message . Thank you
  2. EMSI you have a problem with software (EAM and EIS) on Windows 10. The computer will not to shut down. When you uninstall Emsisoft , everything works properly again .
  3. Thank you Christian for your help. Now I'm back on the good old EAM.
  4. Fabian Wosar was there yesterday, all the time
  5. Can I use this EIS license for EAM again? This is a shame...two days no one will do nothing to respond. The product does not work on Windows Vista SP2 (all updates) 32 bit. Do you familiar with this problem or not? EAM has worked 4 years on this computer. I dont use any other security software.
  6. Can I get any information feedback? is it known issue for how many days can I expect an answer whenever I turn on PC , I have to turn off the FW, and turn on again do you have any tool to help me ,and i can send you the log file
  7. My add to the previous comment: The network is blocked every time when i turn on computer. Firewall Turned Off Firewall is Turned On After restart, network is blocked.
  8. I have just merged the EAM in the EIS. 1. EAM uninstalled. 2. Install KBxxxxx hotfix ( PC- Vista SP2 x32) 3. PC Restarted 4. I installed the EIS, the network is blocked. Turn off the FW and everything works. Again I turn FW, the network is blocked. 5. Restart the computer, again the same. 6. I turned off and turn on the FW, all work. For now everything is ok.
  9. Hi @syeikh brisbane - there is no comparison - Mamutu is an integral part of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Mamutu is Behavior Blocker. An additional layer of protection within EAM. Mamutu has not AntiVirus - EAM have 2 antivirus engines and Mamutu BB (Mamutu + Signature Scanner = Emsisoft Anti-Malware! ) - EMSI decided to offer Behavior Blocker as a standalone product. MA(malware) MUTU (Maori language = stop) - works perfectly with other AV solutions - not free - no button for scanning - requires your cooperation with software..stops unknown processes, which have dubious intentions, and offers the user to decide..block, allow, quarantine.. I suggest you to read the content: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/mamutu/
  10. Hi @Lode If you do not have a FB,how that someone can add you to FB friends list? Where do you see the connection...firewall? Have you scanned the PC? Have you checked the running processes? Any addons in browser? EEK , HitmanPro (no need to install, click next and select " i only want to perform a one-time scan" ).
  11. I use Avira IS & Mamutu. Mamutu is what is missing avira. Read my post. People are still quite uninformed, and install two or three AV together. Disaster! Most AV's decided before installation, scan a PC and see if there is other AV solutions. Unfortunately, on this list are those that should not be. The same case is with all other solutions, as ThreatFire or HIPS solutions. Ignore warning!! just continue with installation. Avira and Mamutu work perfectly. Why disable Mamutu when install new software? You have exclude from protection mode!
  12. Hi blues My suggestion: Its much better to invest in an existing license. You can collect a nice bonus. One of my license... If this is a giveaway campaign, certainly has a limit when the key you need to activate on your EMSI account. I guess. I am not competent for such details. I think it is better to invest in an existing license.
  13. i also use clearcloud dns. there should not be a problem. CC is just "telephone directory" with malicious domains. when emsi update domain would be on the cc list ,everyone would have a problem.
  14. wow, nice, after 3 days, autoupdate make first update.
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