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  1. I sent my log in a private message . Thank you
  2. EMSI you have a problem with software (EAM and EIS) on Windows 10. The computer will not to shut down. When you uninstall Emsisoft , everything works properly again .
  3. Thank you Christian for your help. Now I'm back on the good old EAM.
  4. Fabian Wosar was there yesterday, all the time
  5. Can I use this EIS license for EAM again? This is a shame...two days no one will do nothing to respond. The product does not work on Windows Vista SP2 (all updates) 32 bit. Do you familiar with this problem or not? EAM has worked 4 years on this computer. I dont use any other security software.
  6. Can I get any information feedback? is it known issue for how many days can I expect an answer whenever I turn on PC , I have to turn off the FW, and turn on again do you have any tool to help me ,and i can send you the log file
  7. My add to the previous comment: The network is blocked every time when i turn on computer. Firewall Turned Off Firewall is Turned On After restart, network is blocked.
  8. I have just merged the EAM in the EIS. 1. EAM uninstalled. 2. Install KBxxxxx hotfix ( PC- Vista SP2 x32) 3. PC Restarted 4. I installed the EIS, the network is blocked. Turn off the FW and everything works. Again I turn FW, the network is blocked. 5. Restart the computer, again the same. 6. I turned off and turn on the FW, all work. For now everything is ok.
  9. Hi @syeikh brisbane - there is no comparison - Mamutu is an integral part of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Mamutu is Behavior Blocker. An additional layer of protection within EAM. Mamutu has not AntiVirus - EAM have 2 antivirus engines and Mamutu BB (Mamutu + Signature Scanner = Emsisoft Anti-Malware! ) - EMSI decided to offer Behavior Blocker as a standalone product. MA(malware) MUTU (Maori language = stop) - works perfectly with other AV solutions - not free - no button for scanning - requires your cooperation with software..stops unknown processes, which have dubious intentions, and offers the user to decide..block, allow, quarantine.. I suggest you to read the content: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/mamutu/
  10. Hi @Lode If you do not have a FB,how that someone can add you to FB friends list? Where do you see the connection...firewall? Have you scanned the PC? Have you checked the running processes? Any addons in browser? EEK , HitmanPro (no need to install, click next and select " i only want to perform a one-time scan" ).
  11. I use Avira IS & Mamutu. Mamutu is what is missing avira. Read my post. People are still quite uninformed, and install two or three AV together. Disaster! Most AV's decided before installation, scan a PC and see if there is other AV solutions. Unfortunately, on this list are those that should not be. The same case is with all other solutions, as ThreatFire or HIPS solutions. Ignore warning!! just continue with installation. Avira and Mamutu work perfectly. Why disable Mamutu when install new software? You have exclude from protection mode!
  12. Hi blues My suggestion: Its much better to invest in an existing license. You can collect a nice bonus. One of my license... If this is a giveaway campaign, certainly has a limit when the key you need to activate on your EMSI account. I guess. I am not competent for such details. I think it is better to invest in an existing license.
  13. i also use clearcloud dns. there should not be a problem. CC is just "telephone directory" with malicious domains. when emsi update domain would be on the cc list ,everyone would have a problem.
  14. wow, nice, after 3 days, autoupdate make first update.
  15. Hello I have a question about Mamutu auto update. I did not touch anything, just normal insallation, next-next-finish. I noticed that i have to manually each day start update. I follow events here, http://www.emsisoft.com/a2/changelog/mamutu/ but it goes 30 hours,and auto update never start. I dont have problems with manual update,and with firewall everything is ok. Another question: after last update with this, "Service application for non admin support -" i lost mamutu icon in tray,but i see mamtu work in task processes. when i turn off windows UAC, icon is come back. Thank you very much for your help. I bought this softwear because,i like it soooo much.
  16. Hi @arty ------------------------------------- OA or OA++ for me, the best internet security suite in the market. From the first day of use, i turned off web shield. WS is very slow, but not slower than others...avira web guard, or kaspersky..etc. ------------------------------------- My advice with two layers of protection while surfing: - WOT ,web of trust in your browser - ClearCloud DNS With this,absolutely do not need OA-WS, and you'll have fast browsing. If we go to 100% against exploit, you can use NoScript. ------------------------------------- My suggestion is to renew license On the market is no better solution from OA++...only Comodo fw can compete with OA,but for me it's beta product (forever beta) ------------------------------------- p.s. as they kicked mail protection,they must kickout this WS.
  17. Hi Lynks Thank you very much for this links. Interestingly. I had no intention write question on Avira forum. The user is limited in the possibilities to ask, comment etc. I'll be honest, after many years of trying different solutions,i am disappointed in the popular names. Lately even more disappointed with the free solutions. I see that you often mention Comodo. This gentleman is an interesting man, Mr. Melih Comodo CEO. He created a religion called CIS. I had several confrontations with him on Comodo forum. For me it is everlasting comodo beta, with constant high expectations with new updates Even today announced a revolution. Do not want to admit that sanbox and defense + for advanced users...I asked them "after a month of ordinary housewife with cis, she will have all pc inside sandbox" Who will sort trust/untrust files? Not to mention the constant arguments about NIS and av comparatives test. Im sick of it ! Rather i will try Emsisoft Mamutu and buy it...and support good emsi work Sorry for this offtopic, and thanks for info I'll tell you impressions with Mamutu.
  18. Hi Tyler Absolutely no need to use two HIPS together. It doesnt matter is it OA or OA++, this is firewall with great behavior blocker. New HIPS like Mamutu can only make problems. Best regards Carduelis
  19. Hi Brandon Great you solved the problme. My suggestion. You absolutely do not need Threatfire with OA HIPS Carduelis
  20. Regards to all, hard-working people on this forum and all participants. On the desktop machine i use online armor++ (turnd off web shield) + web of trust and clear cloud dns. Better and faster I am very satisfied with this solution. --------------------------- About my thinking in malware protection world. There are three important factors to me: prevention detection cure Unfortunately today many people use ordinary free scaners like avira,avast,avg .etc. It is only detection...and is generally too late to save your pc The only real solutions are: HIPS and sandboxing with clasic av scaners. course and on-demand scaner, mbam, hitman pro & sas. and Emsisoft Emergency Kit. Because we know that malware must go through memory ram and registry, HIPS or BEHAVIOR BLOCKER is the most important part in prevention. --------------------------------- On the second computer i have Avira Premium Security Suite. I'm not satisfied with Avira ProActiv heuristic. Almost no reaction at the start of test download malwares. After download of 10-15 zero-day malwares,avira reacts on 7-8. After that mbam and hitman got a lot of work But..when you have behavior blocker,like threatfire from free world, things look much better. And Pctools does not develop Threatfire over a year...for better results you must keep it on level 5 (omg,that is paranoid madness) I was satisfied with the light HIPS SpyShelter. He catche all within registry an ram Now I decided to try Mamutu ! Plenty of opportunities in this softweare. I like the interface ,very much. It says on the official website: Unlike other malware protection products, Emsisoft Mamutu was designed to run parallel with other antivirus and firewall software without troubles. Now i ask you to confirm me ,is Avira I.S. 110% compatible with Mamutu. I only add exception for Mamutu iinside Avira Proactiv modul. I want to be sure and buy this great product. We know what is pain with BSOD Sorry for my bad english. Best regards to everyone and thanks!! Carduelis
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