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  1. I just updated to Avast V 2015.10.0.2088 free and I’m having problems connecting to web sites (very very slow access). Is it possible that this version is conflicting with OA’s web shield? When I disable the Avast or OA’s web shield, problem disappears. No problems with earlier versions of Avast. Do I really need two web shields if this issue is not resolved? (still using xp sp3) Thanks, Amepro
  2. In addition to the exclusion above, there is one other exclusion for OA in the File System Shield. I’ll check the other shields including the Behavior Shield which does not have any OA Trusted Processes entries. I’ll keep you posted, Thanks, Amepro
  3. Hello Andrewf’ Yes OA is excluded in Avast, at least I think it is excluded correctly, see attached. It is not a big deal that OA wakes up in free edition mode as there is no gap in the protection (except for the shutdown and restart) it’s just annoying. If I remember right, this did happen once before, but then corrected itself until now. It may correct itself again; I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks, Amepro
  4. For the last couple of days or so OA wakes up in free edition and not premium which still has ~196 days to expiry. To solve this I have to shut OA down and restart it. Only other security is Avast free. (windows xp sp3) Any Ideas? Amepro
  5. After unchecking "Beta updates" and rechecking for updates, V1616 stuck OK. Thanks, Amepro
  6. Thank you, OA just updated to 1616 today, so will it stay at this version or fall back a version or two if I untick "Beta updates"? Amepro
  7. Thank you Andrey, The"Beta updates" did the trick, I am now back to 367 days for expiry. Should I leave the Beta updates checked, as I usually like to wait for final release of a version. Thanks again. Amepro
  8. What is going on! This past week I renewed my license key for 1 year and updated (clean install) to OA version from version 4.5x. However the expiry date has not changed and now showing only 2 days to expiry. I have been in contact with Christian Peters (via email) of your support center who is looking into this, but until he resolves this, I hope that I will be protected because it looks like it will expire first. If it does expire will I need to reinstall OA? Amepro P.S. Amepro is my forum alias, incase Christian reads this post.
  9. Thank you Andrey, I'll do the clean install. Amepro
  10. Hello, I am currently still using OA 4.5x (paid) and my subscription is due in a couple of months. What is the recommended procedure to update to OA 5.5x? Should I uninstall 4.5x and install 5.5x or can I just do the auto update or should I download 5,5x and upgrade? Thanks, Amepro
  11. Thank you Catprincess, The software installed OK and the key was accepted. Amepro
  12. Hello, I finally got around to updating xp pro sp2 to sp3 on my older computer. Before the update I uninstalled OA premium version When I install the newer version 4.5XXX, should the key, that is still valid for another year or so, activate this version without any problems (I hope)? Amepro