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  1. Hi Martin Yes I have IE and Firefox marked as trusted. I can't see any modules that they might use. Do you have any specific modules in mind? Nothing blocked in the Firewall Rules. I am using Nod32AV v4.2.64.12. I have turned Nod32 off so that it does not interfere with OA. I have the web connectivity problem if OA is turned on and Nod32 is turned off. No connectivity problem with OA and Nod32 turned off. No connectivity problem with Nod32 on and OA off. OS is windows 7 32bit.
  2. I have a similar problem with Firefox and IE being very, very slow to load. In some cases I've been getting messages "Cannot connect to server" for sites such as Turn off OA and the problem is fixed and pages load instantly. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem.