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  1. Hi Arthur, Apologies for the delay - have been away. Ran Disk error checking - nada. Then disconnected from Internet, closed On-Line Armor firewall down, reran the deep scan and it ran thru with no problems. ???? Regards George_S
  2. Hi Arthur, somehow this topic got hijacked! I ran the deep scan just now - system froze, I managed to close it down via on-off button on the docking station here at work. rebooted in safe mode with networking and copied the ScanEngineDebug Log to a temp folder. I had been monitoring the scan info on the screen as it ran; 1 of 4 = Rootkits 2 of 4 = Memory 3 of 4 = Traces 4 of 4 = Files Hung op apparently at C:\Documents and Settings\...\Apple Computer\iTunes|PodDevices.xml - this is a little 1k file George_S
  3. Hi Arthur, I know all about the power button reset - when EAM 7 deep scan causes the 'freeze' you can hold that button down for as long as you like See my original msg (copied in below) (Had to do a hard reset - held on/off button down for over 60 secs - would not switch off. Had to remove battery to close PC down). I will try the safe mode with networking over the weekend and see if I can retain the log file. George_S
  4. I have run the deep scan twice. Each time a ScanEngineDebug.log was created and records being written to it during the scan. When the pc froze, a safe shut-down was impossible and I had to do a hard reset. On rebooting, the file was automatically replaced with a new blank file. I could not find any sign of the earlier files (same name?). On the last run, the file the deep scan reported it was busy with was C:\Documents and Settings|Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat This was at 83% and pass 4/4
  5. Hi Arthur, Once the computer freezes, I loose all ability to shut down from keyboard. Last night I had to disconnect the battery again - will this affect the saving of the ScanEngineDebug.log? Regards George_S
  6. Dell Latitude D610 CPU: Intel Pentium M processor 2.13GHz RAM: 2.00 GB O/S: Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 DIsk 55.8GB 4.78GB Free space. Firewall: On-Line Armor Premium Emisoft ANTI-Malware v 7.00.11 (Beta) Raporteer (for banking) Winpatrol free Malwarebytes (on-demand only) System scan problems Quick Scan completes OK Smart Scan completes OK DEEP SCAN gets to about 78-80% and PC O/S freezes with very little CPU cycles available. Had to do a hard reset - held on/off button down for over 60 secs - would not switch off. Had to remove battery to close PC down HELP - this is unusable.
  7. Tx Arthur, I followed instructions but have been unable to replicate the issue???? Only thing I found tho is that on the DebugView Capture menu, if I selected "Capture Kernel" the program hung and I eventually had to to a hard reset to get out of it. I got it capturing without the kernel capture, started a "DEEP" scan and then started up Outlook. All well. Re-enabled the EMISOFT ANTI-MALWARE in Outlook and still no problem. How do I remove the modification in the registry created by the batch file? Thank you for your help George_S
  8. Hi, I am a recent convert to the malware software (have used the firewall for several years. I allowed it to upgrade to the Beta v7 recently and have encountered the following problem if opening Outlook Professional 2003 under the following circumstance. This is running on a DELL Latitude D810 and running XP sp 3 (upto date with microsoft patches) When attempting to open Outlook while a deep scan (or custom) scan is running, Outlook appear to hang and has to be closed down to exit. The following message then appears "Outlook experienced a serious error the last time the add-in 'emisoft anti-malware was opened'. Would you like to disable this add-in? To reactivate this add-in, click About Microsoft Outlook on the Help menu, then click disabled items.' EmiSoft Anti-Malware version 7.0.0. On-Line Armor Firewall (Free) version 5.11.395 - SHould this still be the Free version despite my having purchased the suite? OS details: OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600 OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name JNB-LPT-GSOL System Manufacturer Dell Inc. System Model Latitude D810 System Type X86-based PC Processor x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~2128 Mhz BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A05, 2006/03/20 SMBIOS Version 2.3 Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale South Africa Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)" User Name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Time Zone South Africa Standard Time Total Physical Memory 2,048.00 MB Available Physical Memory 1.09 GB Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB Page File Space 4.85 GB Page File C:\pagefile.sys
  9. Once more catprincess to the rescue! Tx that did the trick - BUT what could have caused this?
  10. DELL Lattitude D810 2GB RAM WIN XP SP3 up do date OA FREE V5.0.0.1097 Avira Antivir Premium latest up to date. I started Garmin's BASEMAP program - clicked on download updates. Avira asked me to allow internet access for the BASEMAP - Explorer.exe which I did. I then maximized the OA icon for OA Status. Funny things happened:- 1 - the Display of active connections remains blank The ADSL modem shows activity. 2 - I cannot close this screen. What do I do - short of hardbooting? George_S
  11. Hi Andrew, I will add the OA to Avira and the Avira to OA. I have not yet had time to do the full re-install, but I think there may be a simpler answer to the problem. How to fix it is another thing! When I reported the problem I got those error messages as described. I later rebooted and left OA alone. OA update started reporting a timeout problem with the automatic updates. The timeout msg came up every few minutes and I ignored it as had to work on the PC. At that stage I was connected via our company IP network. I came home this evening and connected to my home ADSL line and viola the automatic update happened perfectly. I triggered a mnaual update and it also ran happily. The difference is that the business network uses a proxy server whilst the home ADSL links to an external ISP and does not. How do I configure OA to use the proxy server if connected at work and not to if connected at home? Thank you for your assistance so far George
  12. Hi I just upgraded to OA Free V from the previous version. Install went OK but when the update runs it reports the following: Automatic Updaten Access violation at address 5B041DF0 Module 'OAui.exe' Read of address = 00000140 OA appears to hang and system becomes unusable After a reboot, the same problem occurred this time with an address of 5B1C4958 AGAIN HUNG, AGAIN HAD TO REBOOT. i HAVE FOR NOW DEACTIVATED OA! Machine: DELL Lattitude D810 with OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Processor x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~2128 Mhz Total Physical Memory 2,048.00 Antivirus: AVIRA Premium Version 10 I tried adding oaui.exe to the antivirus scanner's excetption list. - has not helped Help please!
  13. Hi I have several times noticed this program running on the firewall status screen deploy.akamaitechnologies.com Is this harmful or can I let well alone. This is a Dell Lattitude D810 running Win XP Sp3. Avira Premium antivirus OA Free Free I see that I have several web sites related to akamai as trusted sites. a26.ms.akamai.net e935.g.akamaiedge.net Should I have these as trusted web sites or is this there in error? Hope you can assist George_S
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