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  1. I could only confirm David's post - on both my computers with Comodo (Win 7 64 bit, SSD HDD - as this probably had some impact on that unpleasant EAM behaviour) I switched to stable version and all seem to work. So yes, the problem with Comodo on some comps is probably over. I want to add my two cents to discusion above. I work with computer more than 25 years. A lot years ago I worked as programmer. This is all over now (even as I sometimes write a few lines of code in php and MySQL). My main work is with graphics software, but for a few of my customers I do also some kind of computer servis. Not that I'm any expert in LAN's or such but I could help individual users with some computer problems. So my computer knowledges are a little bit above standard. Usually I could help myself with any and all hardware or software troubles, but this time it was very frustrating and it took me a lot of precious time (which I should have spent differently) to revert my work and home computers back to working state. And it was because of EAM "no user asking" PROGRAM update (unfortunately it even didn't create system restore point - why this isn't standard upon bigger program update is above my understanding). This is why I ask you for avoiding such program behaviour. I understand your points but you should hear our opinions also. Maybe it's not wise to let some users decide about something they don't understand but I don't ask you to do this. You can let default EAM settings on stable version update but I'd appreciate the possibility for some of us to switch off this behaviour. Why couldn't you add to setup/actualization menu two choices: 1) update program without asking user 2) update program only after user confirmation? First choice could be the default one - I don't care. This would be enough. And (not only) after this experience I'd immediately switch it to the "update program only after user confirmation". And a few words to Neneduty post: no, I won't uninstall ANY of my programs only because ANY antivirus software couldn't work with it. All programs are in my computers for good reasons (this is true especially for Comodo firewall). This could end that Emsisoft (or any other antivirus producer for that reason) could ask me not to use my graphics programs, because they could be in conflict with EAM (btw. there was situation Adobe Acrobat didn't start because of conflict with EAM one time - I resolved it with Emsisoft help then - fortunately Emsisoft helpdesk didn't want me to uninstall it :-) ). Antivirus software is in any computer to help not to be infected by computer virus; it's not there to block users to work with their programs... Any other debate about this is ridiculous. Uffff. Enough from me.
  2. I tried Beta update (Windows 7 64 bit, Comodo 10) and after Windows restart computer started ok. As Cavalary above wrote, this beta update is on stable feed now so I tried after that switch EAM to stable feed and rebooted. It started ok too. So just now on my home comp it seems all is working again (after two months mess... great work indeed...). And identically with Cavalary I ask you for program (EAM) update only after it asks user for doing such thing (or add this possibility not to update program automatically somewhere to settings). And it should definitely make system restore point before any such update to be able to revert to point where computer were stable if something goes wrong.
  3. Well, THIS IS the information which should have been here immediately after the first problems occured. Thanks, JeremyNicoll!! I just installed EAM, switch it to "delayed" feed and updated it manually to that "delayed" program version. And yes, after Windows reboot now EAM is working with Comodo again. I know of course there were some mentions about it in this thread, but in fact I didn't know what it's all about and if this is not workaround only for some computers (btw in Czech menu it's translated a litle awkward so it tells you nothing much helping...). I just don't understand why this isn't written in bold as the first answer in this thread? Or - for that reason - on Emsisoft download web page could be some notice to unlucky Comodo firewall users about this workaround. Thanks again, Jeremy.
  4. Well, I too won't replace Comodo. Use it for a lot of years and it helps me to find which application want internet connection (among other things). I uninstalled EAM 6 weeks ago ('cos I have to work sometimes) and on home comp I temporary have Microsoft SE, in work I use no antivirus program just now (in fact, Comodo firewall and a small amount of caution is enough sometimes :-) ) But I want to stress that I'm really fed with this situation. I've been really patient but enough is enough. I wait until the end of this month and then I'll choose another antivirus program for my computers. Almost two months of my 12 months license went without being able to use EAM on two my computers. Really lightspeed customer support in case of troubles. Jeez...
  5. Tomorrow it will be one full month from the moment I cannot use EAM on two of my machines. Any news? Because it's not funny anymore!
  6. Only quick question: is anything new with EAM and Comodo Firewall problem? After three weeks of nonfunctional EAM (on W7 with Comodo Firewall) it seems nothing is happening. Is Emsisoft still interested in this or is it necessary to look for a new antivirus program?
  7. @endevite: yes, this I meant by saying Emsisoft programmers should know what they did in the last major EAM update - they should be able to compare code before and after this update to find out. Because on my comps Comodo and EAM coexist more than four or five years no problem. I could ask Comodo too but it's fair to say Comodo is free (I use their free firewall) and EAM is paid - for me it's slightly different. First I ask for help where I paid money (and cannot use that product for two weeks just now), on second place I could beg on the helpdesk of the free product... And, well, I can see this last update works strangely not only on comps with Comodo installed so maybe the problem is bigger.
  8. Dave, I didn't mean that SSD disk itself is the core of the problem. But if there could be some timing issue (as Endevite suggested), SSD disk and its speed could make the troubles worse. But if Jeremy's problem with two computers are in some relation to EAM, then this would be very bad news, because that would mean any computer could stop response anytime during usually work... Not to mention what BishBashBosh has written just now. If I can help let me know and if it's in my possibilities I'll try. But you have to specify what to do, because just now on both my desktop computers EAM isn't installed (temporary using MS Security Essentials). I'm not such program lover as Neneduty (I'm loyal customer but it has its boundaries) and except of Adobe CC which is necessary for my everyday work, other programs only help to keep my comp in working state. But on my home computer I could help with this in my spare time. Regards. Libor.
  9. Just now I installed Comodo on my notebook with EAM. This time all's ok. After restart Windows 7 (64 bit) boot without problem. True, I have almost no other program installed on this notebook (except maybe Firefox), but nevertheless it works. But there isn't SSD disk there (contrary to my both desktop computers with system SSD where EAM and Comodo make troubles), so maybe SSD disk with these two programs together (and probably something other than that) are responsible for this. Libor
  10. Dave, I'll try it on my notebook - Win 7 64 bit with EAM installed but there isn't Comodo Firewall. And there isn't SSD disk too, so I'll try to install Comodo there and let you know how it looks. Libor.
  11. Dave, I tried all I could. Here's what I've found: 1) on my computer there is no way to start Windows in normal mode with EAM and Comodo Firewall installed. I tried all your suggestions without success (exclusions, set Virusscope off permanently, sel the whole Comodo off - HIPS, Auto Containment, Page filter, Firewall itself) - no change - after restart it stucked on empty desktop 2) I tried restart three or four time to find if this isn't random behaviour - and no, it isn't 3) from Windows start menu (F8 at boot) I could load Safe mode only - not the Safe mode with networking (same stuck on empty desktop) 3) After uninstalling Comodo Firewal Windows starts with EAM successfully - so the problem lies in EAM-Comodo Firewall coexisting together In fact I haven't so much time to test further - it's really time consuming and sometimes I've got my work to do. IMHO this should be work for your programmers, because until the last week of March 2018 these two programs (EAM, Comodo) worked together fine (as I've said before I use Comodo more than five years and EAM the same period). After some "great fantastic" improvement of EAM started this mess. I expect your programmers should know what they did and try to find out where the problem could be. I don't expect your programmers write the whole program new from scratch, so there must be some new component responsible for this. More to it: two my computers both with EAM and Comodo stop working immediately after last March update (or was it in April? I don't know exactly). I expect this should be easily replicable. On my comps there isn't a lot of specific programs running (Adobe CC, AMD Radeon Raptr, WD SSD dashboard, Tune up utilities, Skype, SpeedFan, Daemon Tools Lite, Adobe Acrobat, Popman and that's probably almost all) and both computers react exactly the same way. I'm rather curious this behaviour isn't replicable on yours computers... With regards Libor.
  12. Dave, I'll give it try at evening. But I have to say I do system restore to be able to work on my comp. Any other solution keep me from start Windows in normal functional mode (I couldn't uninstall both Comodo Firewall and EAM from Safe mode and there is no other way to start my Windows in normal mode). And I have to add I couldn't start my comp in Safe mode with networking (after F8 during boot) - it ends exactly in the same state as starting it in normal mode - it stucks on empty desktop - IMO the whole problem has to do something with LAN or networking. The only possibility to start Windows with EAM and Comodo together is Safe mode. Of course during testing I don't do system restore and I try the things from Safe mode. But after testing I need working computer even at home (strange, isn't it? :-) ) so I do system restore to the state where EAM isn't there (using MS Security Essential instead of EAM). I'll try to disable VirusScope permanenty but I think I've tried it yesterday at night without success too. But I'll let you know anyway. Thanks. Libor.
  13. Dave, I did exactly what you suggested. And to be sure I've just repeated it once more without success (again). I installed EAM, restarted, computer freezed on empty destop, restart, safe mode, started Comodo in safe mode, setting, EXCLUDE APPLICATION - Emsisoft folder (to be sure I excluded the whole bunch of exe files there), restart comp, tried to start in normal mode, freeze on empty desktop... This exclusion in Comodo didn't help on my comp. I had to restart and use restore point made before this action. Then - without EAM - it works again. I could try to uninstall Comodo to be sure it's really in it, but this I'll try tomorrow. Now it's too late for me... Libor.
  14. Well, I was rather curious so during a lunch time I went home and tried Comodo excusion havredave suggest above. Unfortunately it didn't help. To be sure I excluded not only a2service.exe but the whole Emsisoft folder too (in "Excluded paths" setting), but nothing helped. For me the situation is the same: I have SSD disk which is quick and if it isn't ok I see it immediately because comp stays too long on the Welcome screen. Then it goes to empty desktop and stop. So this unfortunately didn't help on my comp (above I forgot to mention I have Win 7 64 bit on both computers).
  15. Ok, thanks. I try exclude a2service in Comodo Firewall when I'll be at home (probably at evening) and let you know. Thanks. Libor.