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  1. Thanks blues, Yes, I have it enabled and it is probable that you are right about the Router, so I am going to try that after the final release comes out, because right now I already un-Installed it Thanks again
  2. It is not checked, it simply does not detect the network. My wife´s LapTop has this problem with the previous version and I just installed this RC fresh and there it is for me too, so I am un-installing it!
  3. Hi, It is very nice to have this new version, thanks a lot! I have one issue that was present before and is not yet fixed(please see attached jpg): On the Firewall Settings> Interfaces, there appears the following text: "Discovering network, please wait..." and it stays there without ever changing. This weird situation appears also on my wife´s laptop w/Win 7 32bit and the realtime programs that we share are avast latest versions and MBAM also up to date and both working fine. Otherwise, I like this RC ver. a lot and the changes to the GUI look great
  4. Hi, The new "stable" avast ver.(not beta anymore) is .864 not .874, and it is NOT Stable at all, mainly when you update on top of any previous version, so the best thing to do IMHO is to UN-Install avast completely with it´s own un-installer, re-boot as needed and later on, turn on OA and put it on "learning Mode" during avast new "fresh" installation and this way you have a much better chance that everything goes right. I ran into some similar problems and fixed them by doing installation the way I am describing. Note: I apologize for the mistake Sded, you are right!!! there is a new pre-release ver. .874 and hopefully this have fixed installation problems.
  5. Than you very much sded, I´ll do that and BTW I wish you all a truly merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2011
  6. It is tiny black box the size of an "adapter" called "Carrier POE Adapter" and the cable from the antenna gets into this CPA and from it, it comes out the cable directly into my computer. No I am not on cable and the ISP is really a small one in central Mexico (and basically the only one available in my area, so I have NOT much of a choice!)and as you mention, GRC is just seeing the connection device to my antenna, but I do not require an ID or password for access. Tomorrow I am getting a router for delivering wireless signal to my wife´s laptop, but I suspect that the router´s Firewall will do nothing to stealth ports at GRC and the results from the tests would be the same, correct?
  7. I am attaching a CurrPorts view for you guys to take a look at, apparently my (our) computer(s) do NOT have the 22,53 and 80 ports opened, so I guess there is really nothing that we can do about it and I certainly I hope that OA will still protect us from these three opened ports.
  8. CP, I am not running a web server of FTP and the ONLY Inbound rules that exist for any of these three ports are for port 80 (Skype and Team Viewer) and certainly they use port 80 when they are active which is NOT all the time, and no, there are NOT Inbound rules for ports 22 or 55, now how do I apply endpoint restrictions to these ports if only port 80 has inbound rules? do I have to create first the inbound rules in order to apply the endpoints later? No there is No router involved here and this behavior appeared just a few days ago that we moved to our new address and signed with a new ISP who didn´t gave me a router but he connected us to this exterior antenna directly, so we are receiving the signal that this ISP is sending through the antenna. I am buying a new router anyway, in order to connect via wireless my wife´s Laptop. I will download the utility you mention. One last thing worth mentioning: before the actual ISP, we always achieved perfect Stealth at GRC and nothing has really changed on our computers BUT the ISP Thanks
  9. Well thanks CP and everybody, in fact OA is displaying exactly the same results on two computers(please see attached image: everything closed and always the same three opened ports) so I suspect that OA is not getting the raw signal but my ISP is doing something with it before it gets here and therefore I suppose that there is nothing that OA or for that matter, any other firewall can do. I even disabled OA and turned on Windows 7-64bit own Firewall and the results were exactly the same, so 1.-with these three opened ports, are we protected by using OA with the default settings on the firewall section? in other words, should I worry??? and 2.- A router with firewall would also be poitnless i trying to achieve perfect stealth at GRC? Thanks again
  10. Hi, Maybe this was already discussed, but I would like to know if it is possible to achieve "stealth ports" at GRC https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 exclusively with OA (no router involved)? Thanks
  11. Hi CP I have the exact same problem on my wife´s LapTop, brand new and despite OA free seems to not being recognizing the network (apparently) she can browse perfectly and both, her Laptop and my Desktop communicate with each other and share files and everything just fine, it is just OA on her LapTop the one that has problems detecting the network, but the firewall section and the HIPS also seem to be working fine, go figure :blink:Conoce al vendedor
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