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  1. I set updates to run automatically every hour. Until recently, I would see a pop-up window alerting me to the number of signatures that were downloaded. Within the past week, updates no longer run. My settings are still the same. When I click on "Update Now", it tells me that 1416 KB (25%) of 5621 KB downloaded. But there's no further progress. If I cancel and click on "Update Now" again, I receive the same message that tells me 25% downloaded. I've been receiving alerts that my Emsisoft Anti-Malware is out of date. What am I doing wrong so that my updates no longer work? Please help!!
  2. Scheduled Scans do not run

    I changed the scan schedule to run Daily at 1:00am rather than on every day in the Week. This morning, the first thing I did was look in the Reports folder and found that the scan ran successfully. Case closed.
  3. Smart Scan scans same folder twice

    On 18 June, the Smart Scan report contained, "Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files". Last night's (24 July), the Smart Scan report contains, "Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\". Sheep Expert's comments on 14 May were correct, "Perhaps if you are on 64bit operating system it is scanning C:\program Files (x86) for your 32bit programs, and C:\Program Files for your 64bit programs." It appears that a developer finally corrected the report content. Thanks for the help.
  4. Scheduled Scans do not run

    All this week, 7/16 thru 7/20, when I've finished using my computer for the day, I leave it on and go to bed. On 7/16, I scheduled a scan (Smart Scan) to run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 1:00am while I am asleep. In the morning, the first thing I do is look in the Reports folder to ensure that the scan ran successfully. Unfortunately, the scheduled scan has not run even once this week. Until this anomaly is remedied, I'll run a scan manually to keep my computer safe from malware.
  5. I ran a scheduled scan early this morning (5/14). As usual anti-malware ran a "Smart Scan". When I looked at the report, among the objects scanned were "C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files". Why does Smart Scan scan the same folder twice. Puzzled.
  6. On October 7, 2011, as soon as I was notified that V6 was available, I followed the instructions to uninstall V5 and install V6. Under "Scan PC", I selected a Deep Scan. I scheduled it to run at 2:00AM on Friday and again on Monday mornings. Because V6 is touted as 450% faster than previous versions, I assumed that the reason for the fast time was due to replacing V5 with V6. This morning I checked the report files and found that Anti-Malware has been running "Smart Scan", not "Deep Scan". Other than doing a manual "Deep Scan", what must I do to schedule a "Deep Scan"??
  7. Turn On Heuristics [Resolved]

    Thank you for your response. I changed my scan to Custom and I can now see that Heuristics has been turned on. Consider this query closed. Edited by H_D to remove large font size to ease readability.
  8. Can I turn on heuristics when I run a deep scan? Regardless of which scan I run, how can I turn on heuristics??