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  1. Thanks, Arthur, in the interest of EIS research, I will do this tomorrow.
  2. GT500, I appreciate your going the extra mile. I followed your instructions but problem not solved. Taskbar settings/notification area/ always shows EIS as "Off". Every time I chage it to "On'", it reverts back to Off on next reboot. So for now, I will use workaround of clicking program open and then closing it in order to see icon in notification area.
  3. Thanks, Arthur, see attached. EmsisoftDiagLog.txt
  4. Your idea is the most direct and likely will ultimately provide a fix. When I did this, I was disappointed that on reboot, EIS icon still did not show in notification area. I checked again in Advanced and was surprised to see that "Start on Windows startup" was no longer checked. I will continue to investigate this behavior and report back to you.
  5. Same phenomenon on two of my 5 systems after recent Win 10 update. I think it is an issue with how Win 10 handles EIS' icon.
  6. GT500, thanks. I am using a simpler fix, although it is not a true fix. After boot up, I click open EIS; the icon appears in the notification tray. Then I close EIS, though naturally the program is still loaded.
  7. Jeremy, thanks for the ideas. In others, as so often with Windows, there is no solution
  8. EIS icon disappears from Win 10 notification area even though when I check programs loaded, EIS is shown as loaded. In "Taskbar Settings"/"Select which icons appear on taskbar" is set to "On". Thanks, CMA
  9. Arthur, thanks for the tip, which did the trick.
  10. Jeremy: The text reads "Internet Security" and "Firewall" is listed under Protection.
  11. I get updates every 3 hours and had one 2 hours ago. I thought that the switch to EAM was supposed to occur on October 1.
  12. Arthur, I don't see any conversion of my EIS to EAM today.
  13. My EIS icon still says "Emsisoft Internet Security" and Windows Firewall still seems to be OFF, despite an EIS update this morning. Wasn't there supposed to be some change in EIS and Windows Firewall today?