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  1.  Hi Andrew:
     I got a warning today that license on one system expires in 30 days. But when I tried to change license, which I have already paid for,  that was impossible as it asks for log in info and password, none of which I have. I know what the license should be changed to but the dialog no longer allows the change to be made on the client end, since it asks for log in information when I have no such online account.

    Even if one logs into the online account, one cannot change the license information. So I have an unused and paid for license which I cannot apply to the expiring license. There is something wrong with this system.

  2. 1 hour ago, Kevin Zoll said:

    Your logs show no malware.  The exploit attempt blocked by our behavior blocker could have been a drive-by install.

    Kevin, was that an "all clear"?

    In any case, thanks for reviewing the logs.

    "Drive-by downloads may happen when visiting a website, viewing an e-mail message or by clicking on a deceptive pop-up window." In my case,  the drive-by attempted install occurred when I clicked on the Emsisoft popup link with an online article about Double Pulsar.


  3. Me: "I was reading the recent EIS notification re Double Pulsar malware and while reading it online with Chrome, there was an attempt at an exploit in the folder \Downloads\Emsi\  but fortunately EIS stopped the exploit."


    GT500:  "The DoublePulsar exploit detection only detects if DoublePulsar is trying to install a payload, so it is possible that there is still a DoublePulsar infection present and it just hasn't tried installing another payload since the first time it was blocked. That being said, our DoublePulsar detection is fairly new and I'm not sure whether or not it is possible for something to trigger a DoublePulsar alert even if it isn't actually DoublePulsar (most Behavior Blocker alerts can be triggered by legitimate software). Just in case I recommend following these instructions for creating a new topic in our Help, my PC is infected! section, and one of our malware removal specialists will take a look at your logs."

     Thanks in advance for your help.




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