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  1. Thank you for your insight Fabian =) Cheers Tempus
  2. Hi Emsisoft I'm a long time and an extremely satisfied user. So this is not a complaint, but only meant as a suggestion to your website that I don't see other vendors have, as far as I know. When I go to your website I'm met by a message at the bottom of the website saying, "This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website " and leaving you with a "Got It " Emsisoft has always and still are, a security vendor with a focus on getting a minimal amount of personal information, or giving the user a chance to opt out through settings. So why not give the user, that visit your website, a chance to say "No thanks" instead of only a " Got It ". Cheers Tempus
  3. Hi Thomas Ott Thank you for your help...it worked, and thank you for your always pleasant and good service. Regards Tempus =))
  4. Hey Emsisoft In November this year I bought a Emsisoft Mobile license to my tablet, installed it... and it worked fine, of course. But due to some problems later on, it was necessary for me to reinstall the tablet to factory standard. Later that day I went to my google account, logged in and downloaded Emsisoft to my tablet. But under the process where I am entering the Activation code, I was stopped by the following message " Activation code is already used ". Can it really be true that the Activation code only can be used once ? Could it be possible for someone to cast some light over this issue ... Otherwise... thank you for another fine product... Regards Tempus =))
  5. Thanks Aura, it was a very useful answer, a kudos ("Like this") to you =) Regards Tempus
  6. Last night Emsisoft Internet Security updated itself to version 11. Where can I see, if it is the 64 bit version Emsisoft installed, over the top of the old version? Bye the way, I really like what you, Emsisoft, has done in this version . =)) Regards Tempus
  7. Thanks GT500 for your answer and time, Have a nice day
  8. Hey Just a question regarding the new release of Emsisoft version 11. Will the interface in version 11 be smaller than it is now. I ask because it was one on those things that was discussed with the release of v.10. By the way...looking forward to the new release/version.( Sorry for posting it here, but I couldn't find a subforum dedicated v 11.) Best Regards Tempus =)
  9. Thanks Christian Mairolll for the answer . ( I just expected the link to actually point directly to the changelog, because the popup stated that you could read about the improvements done to the product by using the link.) Best regards, Tempus
  10. Hey Emsisoft I just received my new update to version 10.0.0. 5532, and it went just fine. After the update I received a notification that stated that I could read about the many changes. But the link in the popup, pointed towards http://blog.emsisoft.com/ . Shouldn't it point directly towards the Changelog instead. Regards Janus
  11. Hi Thanks for the answers GT500 and Alexstrasza. I will pass the answers/suggestions to my friend, and hope that he can use them. I have my doubt because he is not so well versed in how to handle situations regarding popups. He is otherwise very happy regarding how light it is regarding, no slow downs. (he streams movies a lot). I will try to show him what you have suggested. Thanks.. regards Tempus
  12. Hey Emsisoft I had recommend Emsisoft Internet Security to a friend of mine, based on my own good experience with the product. He is not a techie regarding computers. He is evaluating the product, and is on his second week of the free trial. He took some screenshot of some firewalls notifications that concerned him. He has know idea how to answer those notifications, so he just pressed " update rule ". He called me because he was concerned he had said yes to something he shouldn't had said yes to. I am writing on his behalf, and has promised to ask if there is any way that the firewall can be configured, to take those decisions for a user that is not a techie. (Btw. I told him that he has nothing to be worried about , regarding the notifications, he saw.) Regards Tempus.
  13. Have a great summer everyone....

  14. yea yea I know I am a bit childish, but my childishness fills my curiosity.