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  1. Hi Here in Denmark the price for Emsisoft Internet Security is 47, 62 € . ( if I buy from Emsisoft's own website) . It's definitely a high price and a price that had scared many potential buyers off. Regarding myself then I have been with Emsisoft for 5 years now, and I have no plan to replace Emsisoft with another vendor. My system have been without any infections for 5 ongoing years, so for me it says it all . Next time I have to renew I will receive Emsisoft to a price above 23 € .
  2. That is a very fair argument in my perspective. Regards Tempus
  3. Hi GT500 Yes and that is why a layered protection complemented by a solid backup strategy is so vital. The real art in creating such a system is most often the fine balance between total paranoia, or an usable and flexible system. I will always go for the latter. Best regards, Tempus
  4. I can definitely support all what Peter says about Shadow Defender. I have tested the so called famous " wannecry" ransomware on SD. Wannecry did what it is design for, and Shadow Defender removed all on reboot. It is an awesome tool in combination with a solid layered antivirus solution (and backup strategy).
  5. A reputation point to you for that post stapp. But it's still funny (not an issue at all ) that Emsisoft see it as an external drive. (btw. SD is truly awesome/ like Emsisoft of course )
  6. I have had the same thoughts as you stapp, regarding why EIS or EAM behaves as it does when Shadow defender entering shadow mode. (btw. the version of SD I use is, with the windows creators update/just a thought, but I don't know if SD will behave differently on another Windows version)
  7. Hi Emsisoft Nothing is wrong or need to be fixed, I'm just curious. Can someone please explain why Emsisoft Internet Security sees the action of Shadow defender when it's entering shadow mode, as an external device, like a usb drive. I have made a small vidio of what i see...(new to Shadow defender, I am testing it at the moment) Link to my short video
  8. It would look like that is the case, thanks stapp
  9. Hey Emsisoft Was/is unsure if this feedback should be in the Beta forum, because this is more an observation from a stable release.Has notice that the files, " isahelperservice.exe " and " Microsoft sticky notes.exe " is rated unknown in the behaviour blocker, even though you rate them "trusted", Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.4.1.7484 Windows 10 Home 64 bit version 1703 build 15063.296 No other other active security software is running on the platform Enabled debug logging, restarted the system, went to the behavior blocker, waited a couple of minutes before closing debug log. Probably not worth any notice, but just chose to give the feedback anyway. Logs.zip
  10. Thank you Thomas Ott Best regards Tempus
  11. Hi Thank you so much for the feedback/help " JeremyNicoll " and " stapp ", it's appreciated
  12. Hi I have tried to establish connection to https://central.emsisoft.com/ but in vain. Tried diffrent browsers as Crome and Firefox and Edge with same result.. " ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT " Did an ipconfig/flushdns without any positive result regarding the issue. Cleared the temporary cache and cookies did a CTRL + F5 . Went to the site " isitdownrightnow "... and it said that the site is up and working. (Btw I have checked my firewall logs, no clues there.) Can anyone see if they are able to connect to the website
  13. This thread is a master example on what great service is. So a big " reputation point " to Thomas Ott and GT500.
  14. I think you got it right Pilis..... but nevertheless i booted up in a elevated Powershell and here is what i got :
  15. Hi stapp Yes I can reproduce the issue. Windows 10 Home 64 bit version 1703, OS build 15063.138 Emsisoft Internet security version : 2017.3.1.7353 Reproduced stapp's issue by following the method from " Frank H " ... activated Debug logging /restarted the system/ Opened Emsisoft, went to the behavior blocker screen, waited for a while before I disabled the debug logger. No other security software besides Emsisoft is running on the system... ( Paragon backup and Recovery is used, but only on demand) Debug Logs.zip