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  1. Not updated

    Hi Claudiano Maybe this is a wild shot but you can try this out while you're waiting for Emsisoft to analyse your log. Open Emsisoft Anti Malware and go to " Settings " click on " Privacy " and uncheck the Use SSL encryption for all server communication" reboot and try to update. Regards Tempus
  2. If one is unsure if malware is still running on the system then just grab your Backup and recovery software and restore the system by using a secure drive image(before the compromised version). With other words a good thought through backup software/ policy will save the day/your sysytem anytime. Sorry guys i just saw my chance to draw the attention to an important part of security, which is often forgotten by many users. Your security software can't always save the day...except Emsisoft of course Regards Tempus
  3. Hi I do understand the reasoning behind your choice Emsisoft and support your idea, but the biggest challenge that i may see for Emsisoft is to convince new users that they are perfectly safe without a security product with an integrated firewall. Many vendors have used the strategy, to offer the user a simple malware scanner, so to speak, and then advertise strongly for the " Total complete security solution " with firewall-tuneup utilities and other bloatware. Many users fall for this marketing hype and think they need all of this..... I hope you know by now where I am going with all this Emsisoft.... and btw. the majority who has read the well written blog " Emsisoft and Windows Firewall: Your questions, answered " is probably Emsisoft users ? now the rest has to know.....right Regards Tempus
  4. You can't, in the end it's all about trust =))
  5. License

    Hi I would follow the advice from KevinYu0504 and create an Emsisoft user account as first choice. Or you can use a password manager, they have secure encrypted notes, and some of the password mangers are free. Or do as Umbra writes.... or If you absolutely have to store your license information using notepad, which is a bad idea security wise, then at least split your license number in two or more text files... and do a backup of those files on a encrypted usb stick. Regards Tempus
  6. Hi @Umbra polaris, logging vs nologging is for me a vital parameter when we are talking about Virtual private network. For me it's not a private network if the provider is logging your activity, then he is just a more advanced ISP. Regards Tempus
  7. Hi all I use Protonvpn ( mostly work-related) a virtual private network so to speak, and it's a new player on the VPN market. They offer a free vpn product, that is very stable, so much that I ended up buying the proton + version. By the way they have a no log policy. , . So if you're looking for a free vpn then I think this could be a good chance....and it goes so lovely hand in hand with Emsisoft's good private policy Best regards Tempus
  8. Hi Yes, as far as I know, it's only Emsisoft Internet Security/ firewall component that use Windows Filtering Platform, and not EAM but who knows, that may change it the future. Regards Tempus
  9. Hi Personally I see Glasswire as more as a network and device monitor , and as such an extension software to the windows firewall. I don't see Glasswire add some noteworthy security to your system, not directly at least... Regards Tempus
  10. Hi I don't know you from any other forum's as they other seem to do (my fault ) , but anyway congratulations with your new job as a community manager, best of luck to you Umbra Best regards Tempus
  11. good argumentation...I understand what you mean =)) Regards Tempus
  12. Hi You introduced the " Anti Ransomware " under the Protection /green box in the user interface. It was already a part of the behavior blocker but it was very understandable that you chose to draw more attention to that feature. Now you introduced a new feature "Firewall Fortification " that is a part of the behavior blocker. Would it be an idea to do the same as you did with the " Anti Ransomware" .and place the " Firewall Fortification " under the Protection green box in the interface. Don't hide it..... Best regards Tempus
  13. Hi Does free antivirus kill the diversity/new projects of security software, and thereby indirectly kill creativity , due to the hard competition, and the constant eye on the budget ? And is user's aware that free software is most often not free at all. Next time , take a closer look at the EULA from some of the free vendors and read carefully what they do with your information they gather from you, You will be surprised if you not already know,... but sadly enough one can say the same about many other vendors... Regards Tempus
  14. Hi , here is an article by Neil J Rubenking, with the headline " Do you need a Firewall; it's worth reading. Best regards Tempus