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  1. I think you got it right Pilis..... but nevertheless i booted up in a elevated Powershell and here is what i got :
  2. Hi stapp Yes I can reproduce the issue. Windows 10 Home 64 bit version 1703, OS build 15063.138 Emsisoft Internet security version : 2017.3.1.7353 Reproduced stapp's issue by following the method from " Frank H " ... activated Debug logging /restarted the system/ Opened Emsisoft, went to the behavior blocker screen, waited for a while before I disabled the debug logger. No other security software besides Emsisoft is running on the system... ( Paragon backup and Recovery is used, but only on demand) Debug Logs.zip
  3. I don't know what to think about regarding your answer. Yes it is always a sensible strategy to minimise the amount of vectors that can be used by others. But with all due respect you do not answer the OP, how it can be that Emsisoft behaviour blocker doesn't catch or reacts regarding the attack.
  4. Thanks for the link " erreale ", and now is my paranoia totally refueled
  5. Hi Francisca If you still have your license key then just download a new version of Emsisoft Internet Security, install it, and insert your license key and you are good to go. Kind regards Tempus =)
  6. Hi One of those things that I love Emsisoft for, is that they have been able to hold on to an interface and software without adding a ton of bloatware, removing focus and man hours from the core protection. Personally I don't like to have all eggs in one hat regarding my security. I find my system less vulnerable if I can spread my system security to different vendors. Just my opinion. Best regards Tempus
  7. Hi Emsisoft Yesterday, I received a behavior blocker alert, stating that a non digitally signed and unknown file were trying to install invisibly. I took a search of the file using the Sha and Md5 on virustotal, but they couldn't give me any useful information at the time. Some more research led me to that the file, was a file from " Acer" , and as I use a Acer gaming Laptop at the moment, then it all gave more sense. (Acer use some of their own software like " Acer care center ") But anyway, it all ended up with that I followed Emsisoft's recommendations to Quarantine the file. I chose that decision because if it was a false positive then I would always be able to take the file out of the quarantine. But the file was not saved to the quarantine, how can that be ? I think that for an average user the Behavior alerts, can most often be the toughest kind of alerts to do a qualified decisions about, to either block or run a certain file. I would think that many users dont know what to do with the Sha or MD5 informations. Don't get me wrong, I really like that those information is accessible, but I would really like some more user friendly guidance when a behavior alert pops up. Unfortunately I don't have any suggestion for a solution...only a wish for a more easy decision interface for those kinds of alerts. Best Regards Tempus =)
  8. Thank you for your insight Fabian =) Cheers Tempus
  9. Hi Emsisoft I'm a long time and an extremely satisfied user. So this is not a complaint, but only meant as a suggestion to your website that I don't see other vendors have, as far as I know. When I go to your website I'm met by a message at the bottom of the website saying, "This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website " and leaving you with a "Got It " Emsisoft has always and still are, a security vendor with a focus on getting a minimal amount of personal information, or giving the user a chance to opt out through settings. So why not give the user, that visit your website, a chance to say "No thanks" instead of only a " Got It ". Cheers Tempus
  10. Hi Thomas Ott Thank you for your help...it worked, and thank you for your always pleasant and good service. Regards Tempus =))
  11. Hey Emsisoft In November this year I bought a Emsisoft Mobile license to my tablet, installed it... and it worked fine, of course. But due to some problems later on, it was necessary for me to reinstall the tablet to factory standard. Later that day I went to my google account, logged in and downloaded Emsisoft to my tablet. But under the process where I am entering the Activation code, I was stopped by the following message " Activation code is already used ". Can it really be true that the Activation code only can be used once ? Could it be possible for someone to cast some light over this issue ... Otherwise... thank you for another fine product... Regards Tempus =))
  12. Thanks Aura, it was a very useful answer, a kudos ("Like this") to you =) Regards Tempus
  13. Last night Emsisoft Internet Security updated itself to version 11. Where can I see, if it is the 64 bit version Emsisoft installed, over the top of the old version? Bye the way, I really like what you, Emsisoft, has done in this version . =)) Regards Tempus
  14. Thanks GT500 for your answer and time, Have a nice day