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  1. I just purchased Emsisoft Mobile Security for my Nexus 7 tablet. What is Application Audit? One more question: It states that GSM hardware is not accessible and that I would not be able to use SMS commands with my tablet. Could someone explain this, please? Thanks.
  2. I performed a deep scan as you requested, and I hope I attached it correctly. If I don't hear from you again, I want to thank you so much for helping me resolve this problem. You are AWSOME!.
  3. My problem originally started after Emsisoft detected an object called ak.imgfarm.com. I googled it and came across an article by scanforfree, explaining it as such: "The Ak.imgfarm.com search redirection is an obvious sign of that your computer has been hijacked by a particularly malicious computer virus. When performing search queries in some of the major search engines the results will be transmitted to various ad websites. Once active, the virus can change keys and records in the registry to redirect Yahoo and Google search links to Ak.imgfarm.com undesirable website. Parasites related wit
  4. Hi. I am totally unfamiliar with forums, so forgive me if I mess something up here. Anyway, I tried installing the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and when I clicked on it, it brought up a box mentioning a file extension converter. I wasn't expecting that, so I cancelled the installation right away. Was I wrong in doing that?
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