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  1. Maybe @slopes doesn't use an ad blocker? I see brightinfo.com blocked by uBlock Origin on my laptop using chrome (and no alert from Emsisoft AM)
  2. Okay, thank you for you're time Kevin. Good to know that my laptop isn't infected. EDIT: Went today to askvg.com and I no longer get the Cloudfare warning message. So it seems that is fixed on their side.
  3. Here is the scan log from RogueKiller. Edit: got the Fall Creators Update through Windows Update. To be sure I did a new scan after the update. log2. And I still get the Cloudfare warning message. log.txt log2.txt
  4. Hi Kevin, With HTTPS Everywhere disabled I get the same Cloudfare message. Attached is the Fixlog.txt. Fixlog.txt
  5. When ging to askvg.com I get a security warning from cloudfare that I have to complete a CAPTCHA before I can access that site. scan_171016-213447.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Sorry today after re-enabling monitoring in the WAC and enabling debugging I can't reproduce the issue anymore, not after 4 reboots. So it seems that the issue is resolved after all with the latest updates. Thanks for your hard work and great support.
  7. Unfortunately after another reboot the issue is back again
  8. Thanks, I can confirm this issue is fixed on Windows (10) Technical Preview. I was unsure because the version remained
  9. Unfortunately it is not fixed on the 2 laptops from my kids. I have mailed you the debug logs from all 3 laptops in my household.
  10. Yeah, I know, just wanted to let you know anyway. Will see if the problem is solved on my kids laptops that are running 8.1 and report back.
  11. The beta update from today ( unfortunately didn't fix this issue for me on Windows Technical Preview.
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