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  1. How do I keep EAM from booting me off the game Wizard101? I'm confused about how to allow programs to have free reign.
  2. Problem is worse for me. When I rebooted I got a message stating that there is a major problem which has prevented the application from starting. "Emsisoft Security cant connect to the service application. Please reboot your computer and try again or contact support if the problem persists." I have rebooted several times and still get this message. I'm currently unprotected. I am only using Emsisoft Antimalware so whats up with that message? Any ideas? I don't know what happened but I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling EAM and it seems to be okay now. This is some quirky software to say the least! I'm glad I am now protected again.
  3. Honestly, I don't see where it would help. I would be glad to do the TeamViewer again. It just seems to me that EAM is a program for advanced users who need protection far beyond my needs. I think that EAM is an excellent program for those who need it. I don't have facebook. I don't do twitter. I use Windows Live Mail for all my email needs. I don't open any Emails at all unless they are from people I know and trust. I know how to check questionable emails using the properties menu to see what domain they come from without ever actually opening them. Another issue is that of how If I leave it alone it seems to work fine. If I try to adjust the setting, it seems to lock up. There re too many issues which I don't need or don't care to have. Again, I am thankful for the program and what it does. I just don't think it is for me.
  4. I will put is simply, EAM is not for me. I don't have issues with malware and viruses and the likes. Therefore I do not see where I need to be paying for something that I do not need. Thank you all for all of your help and suggestions. After the license runs out I will revert back to MSE. It works good enough for my needs. I don't go to any questionable web sites, neither do I click on junk mails when they are in my emails. I am smart enough to know what is and isn't safe, Thanks again guys for all you have done and keep up the good work. I shall follow your progress. Take care and have a safe and antimalware day.
  5. If I could delete post number 15 I would. I had a good experience tonight with GT500. He was very professional and courteous and did all he could to examine and address the issues I have with EAM. It is human contact, even in chat, that can solve many issues. We conversed, and he didn't hesitate to answer any of my questions, no matter how ignorant they may have been, and I believe he cares about others. This is a good trait. I have a busy life and sometimes can be very impatient. I wish to give thanks to GT500 for being understanding and being quite helpful. Thanks Fabian for sending that angel to me. I will try to practice more patience in the future. For now I will see how EAM works, and I am hoping that the issues are resolved. If not, I know who to turn to. Thanks again for the support Arthur. Bring some of that cool weather down here to the deep south.
  6. I sent you a private message, at least I think I did it right. It is sort of vague. I see you are online and am willing to do the team viewer thing now if you are available. Otherwise, any evening between 7 and 7:30 PM will work for me. I should hope that it will be sooner than later as I have been experiencing issues for a while now. My last post was in haste because I am getting very upset at how EAM has been acting. Last evening it did an update then when it informed me and I clicked the Close tab it simply froze up until I restarted the computer.
  7. I think that I may go back to MSE after this. It is less trouble and I never got a virus since having it. EAM seems to work when it wants to. I cannot see an advantage of paying for it. It has been a pain in my side since the upgrade to version 9 and I am not happy. I cannot get any support from this team and I am completely unhappy with the service. Therefore, when my service ends I will not renew it. I am very displeased with this product and will not ever recommend it to my friends. Thank you for nothing. EAM. This was a waste of my money and time.
  8. yes 7PM EST and tomorrow would be fine, Do I need to be here on the forum?
  9. by all means yes. However, I want to know that I can stop you at any time from doing or changing anything on my system during that session. I only wish for you to look and then tell me the issues, if any. If at any time I feel uncomfortable I will immediately disconnect my modem. No offense to you but you should know what I mean. I am also skeptical about this Team Viewer thing since I read about it and the scammer on the Emsisoft site. However, I will trust you and allow you to view my system. I am available between the hours of 7PM and 10PM EST USA time. How do we begin this? Oh yes, and as of tonight I cannot update. It says check internet connection and proxy settings. I have not done or changed anything. I'm hoping that the EAM update server is simply down for the moment.
  10. Hello? I know that EIS was just released but I need answers as to why EAM decides not to start on computer startup after working fine for a week or two. Someone please answer. Read the above post.
  11. Hey I'm back and again EAM has suddenly decided to not start when I turned on the computer. I have done nothing different and it has been doing fine until tonight. I turned on the computer. No EAM. I get a "Solve PC Issues" message that says turn on EAM. I try. It does nothing, I am on this forum right now with an unprotected computer. I started my task manager and the only thing I see is an EAM service running called a2AntiMalware. There is nothing else. I tried to turn EAM on several times but nothing. This happened before. The only way I could get it to work was to uninstall and reinstall EAM. No amount of restarts or hard reboots worked. Can someone please tell me what is going on and how to correct it? I feel completely helpless. And to be honest I am getting tired of having to reinstall the program each time it does this. I was very happy with EAM 8 but am beginning to get ill with version 9. I have no other antivirus software running and only have Windows Defender, which I suppose runs in the back ground as I get regular definition updates for it. PLEASE help!
  12. Addition to above comments: And no I did not "Install" EEK. Sorry about the misuse of words. I extracted it onto my hard drive. Also, I turned off the computer while showering and turned it back on and EAM started normally tonight. For some reason it would not start until I did an uninstall and re-install. So far it seems to be fine now.
  13. Ok yes, I have Emsisoft Antimalware installed. I used EEK on a test run before I extracted it to a memory stick. Maybe I shouldn't have. I ended up uninstalling EAM and deleting EEK from the file folder, then when I re-installed EAM it seemed to work fine again. For some reason, after I had run EEK, that a2service.exe bugged out and was eating up ram. Last evening everything was fine when I turned off the computer, but tonight when I powered up, EAM would not start. Again I uninstalled it and re-installed and now it is working fine. Question, do I have to re-activate EAM if I uninstall and re-install? Is that why it wouldn't start tonight? I'm a bit confused about all this. Thanks for help.
  14. Ok now I have a real problem. I downloaded the new Emsisoft Emergency Kit and ran it and now it has taken control of my computer. I used the Task Manager and the Process Explorer to try to kill the process but it is still taking a GB of my cpu and denies me when I try to kill the process. It is the "a2service.exe" that has my computer in limbo. It is the Emsisoft Protection Service by Emsisoft GmbH. I tried a system restore but it is still there and using half or better of my cpu and ram. How can I make it stop? I is not in my programs so that I can uninstall it. I tried deleting it but was DENIED ACESS. Whats up with that? Please advise ASAP. My hard drive is in danger of being killed by over work by this thing.
  15. Thank you for the link. I feel better now.