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  1. Try to install AdwCleaner. See if this help
  2. It seems like there is something wrong with office, could you remove office and see if it fix your problem, then you can install office back!
  3. There is no suck malware as screw.clicksor.W32. it is fake, as far as i know. Just ignore it and don't visit that site you it appeared from, it just wants to trick you into thinking you have malware and wants you to install the fake AV!
  4. Using multiply antivirus in one system will cause you more trouble. Cause antivirus programs are desinged to monitor your system and memory if you use two antivirus program they will likely fight, and block each other.
  5. You can download your Toshiba drivers from http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=EU
  6. Go to safe mode and see if you can remove them sometimes you can remove registery keys cause a process may have the key open.
  7. What about if you use the remote control so you can control your PC to allow it!
  8. Sometimes the webshield is getting turned off cause of the windows firewall, i am not sure if this will work for you but go ahead and try. to to windows firewall setting and restore windows firewall to default and see if that helps!
  9. I know you can turn windows firewall off by command line but i am not sure if that will affact the Online Armor! What laptop do you use? maybe the drivers for the touchpad is outdated, if you try to download and install the recent drivers OA may allow it.
  10. You can make your keyboard keys to move you mouse pointer. Win key + X -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Access Center Then click on on Click Make the mouse easier to use. Under Control the mouse with the keyboard, select the Turn on Mouse Keys check box. And start using the up down to move your mouse or the 4,6,8,2. Use the tap key to navigate!
  11. Update. i just did a fresh install of windows 8 and upgraded to 8.1 and reinstalled OA and everything seems to work just fine.
  12. I have done this, but no changes. I have ran the below commands successfully, but nothing seems to work, I noticed when updating windows the internet seems to work. netsh advfirewall reset netsh branchcache reset netsh int ip reset netsh int ipv6 reset netsh winsock reset Sac.exe /scannow netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt Netsh winsock reset catalog netsh int ip reset reset.log hit After a day of trying to fix this issue, I gave up and went to reinstall windows 8.0 Could you give me more information of the error I was getting with OnlineArmor that I have attached on the above post of why the error acquire? Now I am planing to upgrade to windows 8.1, and if I do install OnlineArmor, I hope I won't get the same error. Thank you for your reply
  13. Okay i just downloaded OnlineArmor and did a resh install i get the same error as when i updated to windows 8.1 It just wont run at all. I hope someone can help me out here i dont want to fresh install windows again!
  14. Hey, I bought Emsisoft suite a week ago everything was working fine, after I upgraded to windows 8.1. After restart I got error on OnlineAmor which couldn't run, so I uninstalled to install it back. After the uninstall now I have internet connection but nothing works, browsers, apps, FTP client nothing. I have reset the my ip, netsock, DNS, and I am still not having access to internet. When I ping to google from cmd the ping work. I have check windows firewall as well and disabled, still same problem. I have uninstalled emsisoft suite still same problem Checked my browser proxy settings and using none proxy still same problem Tcp protocol is set to auto still same problem I have done a lot of searching and done like everything you could find online still nothing works. Thank you
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