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  1. Im so confused Now, My windows free protection has ended as has everyone elses . But i have the Emsisoft free program . Is this enough security protection . I have been using it for the 2 years ive had my computer. Its a Dell laptop my hubby got me, (used ). Ive had no problems so far , but it has the widows 7 and my widows security has ended , so No more updates . can you help me with this . i keep getting a popup that says to get more here ... do i need to get this ? I do Not like downloading anything on my computer as, im afraid i will get the wrong thing????? Thanks for any advice you can give me. Blessings to you and yours. Joy
  2. My heart is sad and prayers go up for /his family . Heaven has a brighter star now and im sure his talents will be missed as well here. Blessings and comfort from florida.