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  1. Hello, I have found the solution to the problem. I had to add a new port : Svchost.exe Protocol : UDP Direction : Inbound Port : 1900 That solved the problem. But I have two doubts. Online Armor added a new port 68 (bootpc) above this newly created rule above. Can you tell me what is this Port 68 (bootpc)? Second doubt : In the Firewall > Computers > (Here I can see my wifi network from my Mobile phone's wifi hotspot. When I right-click it, it shows [Trust, Untrust, Distrust] If I select Distrust, the mobile private wifi network (which connects my laptop to the internet) gets blocked. However when I set Untrust or Trust, the wifi network is allowed. Which one should I select here in this case? Trust or Untrust? Also what is the difference between Trust or Untrust (with regards to the rules or anything concerned with it?)
  2. I'm using the free version of Online Armor. Only standard mode is available in the free version. Okay now, please tell me what to do next? Can you help me identify the right Windows executable and the right ports to be allowed... or anything else?
  3. Windows Firewall does not pose a problem when I connect to the internet through my mobile phone's WiFi hotspot. In Samsung Kies, it instructs to allow "Wireless Portable Devices" in the Windows Firewall settings. I think this might provide a clue as to what program or port should be permitted in the OA firewall in order for my WiFi internet connection to be successful. I tried allowing all Windows executables (which appear to be part of the Windows 7 OS) in the OA firewall, but that did not solve the problem described in the first post of this thread. I think I need to alllow a particular port of one Windows executable in OA firewall in order to solve this issue. Can you help me identify the right Windows executable and the right ports to be allowed?
  4. Hello GT500, I have sent you a private message with an attached RAR file. Please check your inbox. By the way, There is no other security software installed... However, I have Sandboxie installed.
  5. Online Armor Free (Without HIPS). Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit (Service Pack 1) and latest updates. Avast Antivirus Free 8. I have a problem with Online Armor blocking my connecting to my private WiFi Hotspot. My Mobile Phone is used as the WiFi Hotspot. Problem is as follows... With the OA firewall enabled, when I try to connect to the WiFi hotspot, it takes a long time to connect, and then displays "Limited Connectivity", The end result is that I have no internet connection on my laptop. If I disable OA firewall, the WiFi connection becomes successful and I can browse the internet on my laptop.... Now if I enable the firewall, everything becomes smooth. OA recognizes the new network (when connected for the first time) and asked me if I want to trust it. Then I can browse without any problems. The problem here is that everytime I want to connect to the Hotspot, I have to disable OA for 15-20 seconds in order for the initialization of the WiFi connection to be successful, then re-enable it and browse the internet safely. This problem does not happen when I use other mobiles that work as a bluetooth modem. Can you please help me by configuring OA or any system settings correctly so that I can connect to my private WiFi hotspot without having to disable OA everytime?
  6. Hi, Can you please answer this question : Can you please rephrase with an example. I have not quite understood what you meant.
  7. Hi Catprincess, Unfortunately, using the CCleaner method didn't work. Anyway I'll try and ignore the matter. I really need an answer on whether my system is protected anyway in this case on why the Firewall > Computers list is blank and the "reset button" unclickable?
  8. Hi, Thanks for the responses. @sded May I know if you are using internet via mobile or Broadband. I think this seems to be an issue with internet via Mobile. Reinstalling OA didn't fix the issue. Anyway the Reset list button is grayed out for me. I wish to know if there is any security risk here? I can confirm that Windows 7 Firewall is off. One question, when Windows 7 detects a new network while OA is installed, do you get a pop-up from Windows 7 asking if you want to assign this new network as Home Network, Work Network or Public network? I have disabled OA's HIPS because of the incessant pop-ups, which confuse me. Will someone give me some links as to learn what to allow and block by the HIPS? @Catprincess, Thanks for the link, I'll try CCleaner and let you know the results.
  9. @Catprincess, Now I can see the image you posted. Thanks, However, I have never seen that pop-up notification on Windows 7. I think I saw it on XP, but can't remember correctly. It is recognized when I connect to the internet via PC suite, and that is no longer a problem.I request the developers to check out the latest version of OA on Windows 7 64 bit for checking the detection of new networks, and inform me by posting here. Thanks. One more thing for the developers to check out : When I customize the icons on the system tray (here, set the OA firewall status icon to "Show icon and notifications" and save it. Then after a restart, it goes back to "only show notifications" Is this normal?
  10. Hi, I wish to continue from this thread from the old OA forums. So can anyone help by giving an answer for post #34 Thanks.
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